Xbox Boss On Microsoft’s Struggles With Game Quality And Efforts To Improve It

Whatever the strengths of the Xbox platform, it’s long lagged behind Nintendo and Sony in terms of homegrown, exclusive video games. There have been highlights in its history and even some stellar games of late, such as last year’s Forza Horizon 4, but the Xbox One era has been rough. There have been prominent cancellations, disappointing sequels and games that under-delivered given how long fans were waiting for them.

In recent years there have been hints of a coming turnaround.

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lxeasy664d ago

There were few titles that were exceptional this gen for Xbox. Which is a shame. With new talented developers like Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Double Fine and Obsidian lets hope that changes next gen for them. It's be nice to see Xbox join Nintendo and Ps in releasing GOTY quality games.

yarbie1000664d ago

Microsoft's studios that they owned were unable to produce many exceptional games this gen, so maybe if they buy more studios then they'll be able to....


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RememberThe357664d ago

MS closed Ensemble and I'm pretty sure they never made a bad game. I have very little hope.

mikeslemonade664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

MS is the only one of the console holders to have lots of pc games and so they are graded on the highest standard.

Nintendo is graded on the lowest standard that’s why it’s easy for them to score high meta.

Potnoodle999663d ago

No. Sorry. They should’ve produced SOMETHING by now. It’s already gone way past embarrassing. Then the first game one of their new studios announced is a crappy looking mplayer game.
It’s taken FAR too long!

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Dragonscale663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

@mikeslemonade, thats a completely dumb strawman argument that you've made up there. Lmfao.

@kingnoctis, they need more than just forza horizon fgs.

Muzikguy663d ago


What are you smoking?

r2oB663d ago


More studios for Microsoft means more quantity, not quality. Especially considering they already stated they are aiming for a release every three months or so. Most of their studios will be churning out mediocre quality games for Gamepass.

And Crackdown 3 did not have troubled development. They had one team working on the game and another working on the cloud, some people working on the cloud left after the Epic acquisition. But the team working on the gameplay stayed the same. Even Microsoft stated the departures had little effect on the outcome of the game. The game was bad because Microsoft overhyped the cloud and the game was of poor quality.

Quality games require time, talent, and good management (for budgeting and time management, etc.), not just a bunch of studios.

mikeslemonade663d ago

You don’t compare PC AAA games to low budget IOS games. A 95 PC AAA game to a IOS 95 meta game ain’t the same.

One is graded to a higher standard.

That is why MS has lower meta.

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Larrysweet664d ago

There were zero exceptional xbox exclusives zero

gam3r_4_lif3664d ago

Only a totally indoctrinated fanbaby would actually believe that. Halo 5"s mp was amazing. Both FH3 and 4 were exceptional and ORI was just pure joy

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago

Watch he say they were on PC so not exclusive.

Phil: That's kinda the point

King_Noctis664d ago

But the Forza Horizon series are exceptional.

RememberThe357664d ago

There were zero Xbox exclusives

Godmars290663d ago

Its a racing game.

Potnoodle999663d ago

Exactly, zero, there were a couple of average. Forza is not exceptional. It’s a racing game for godsake, how much can you really innovate or be groundbreaking with a bloody racing game. Zip round a track in better graphics with differently modeled cars..yay big whoop. Racing games are for car enthusiasts. For anyone else they are just average games.

wiz7191663d ago

But there was , do you own a xbox ??

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The Wood664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Their management has been their Achilles heel. Outside of the teams that develop the forza franchise, how many studios have actually improved yoy? You can't keep blaming the studios. Adding numbers solves a part of the problems not all of them. How many game of the year contenders? How many new ip's? How many genre's are covered?

robleroy663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

You are close to the truth.

Obscure_Observer664d ago


"With new talented developers like Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Double Fine and Obsidian lets hope that changes next gen for them."

Don´t forget the all new The Initiative. ;)

robleroy663d ago

They already instructed some of the new studios (ninja theory) to make their games multiplayer.
You saw what happened with tombraider??..
Managing gamestudios is sadly not a MS thing.
They are still on the old bandwagon: paywall milking.
Yet no sign they will change their tactics: sell xboxlive subscribtions.
An xbox cost 400 for 7 years ownership
Xboxlive costs the same for 7 years
Xboxlive has a larger profit margin.

In MS defense: they have tried with success in the original xbox and xbox360 era to make competing exclusive games.
But the failed financialy managing those studios.
So they stopped competing with SONY.
This would save MS money for not having to invest much in excl games.
Concerning owning and managing gamestudios :SONY is lightyears away.

The best MS could do is lie/hype about the excl games they will create ( the excl games for the XBox one were given by EA. I think EA got MS to promise they will include DRM..because of the deal)
There is no reason why MS would comeup with DRM by
Bad deal.

Grown Folks Talk663d ago

At least have Obsidian holler at Sega & work it out so I can get an Alpha Protocol sequel done properly.

Potnoodle999663d ago

Disagree, their were no exceptional titles for Xbox or I would’ve bought one. However I agreed with your comment as I do hope that changes next gen. With so many studios I hope we will be back to the 360 days where there was some competition and a reason to own both consoles. IMO PS3 still killed it even back then though in terms of exclusives (especially after 2009).

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PhoenixUp664d ago

Microsoft has been in the console space for 18 years and only now have they discovered that they’re first party output has been weak?

porkChop664d ago

To be fair their first party were pretty great during the 360 days, minus the last couple years. It wasn't at PS's level, but still great.

Godmars290664d ago

Actually, honestly, always thought Xbox was a bit - more than a bit - tone def when it came to game making. Bought an OG Xbox for Panzer Dragoon Orta, and while it was fantastic looking, it played more like a mix of first and second game rather than a third arcade level entry much less Saga.

Aside from a few they heavily favored PC type games over console, then with the 360, after an initial effort to be about "all games", gabbing RPGs from Sony and even producing a couple of animes in JP for promotion there, they pretty much dropped everything because of FPS.

Rude-ro664d ago

Actually, most were third party deals made to be exclusive to the 360.

You had halo, fabled, and a racing game.
The rest were indie style smaller games or third party.

RangerWalk267663d ago

I prefer the MS approach to the games they make vs PS. They have replayability. Sony gives me a great story and done. Back to Redbox

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PhoenixUp664d ago

@ NoHo

Yet Microsoft has more money than Sega ever did and their first party games pale in comparison to even to what Sega used to have when they were in the console space. Even Saturn & Dreamcast’s first party outputs were far better than Xbox One’s.

No excuses. If you’re going to be in this industry you need your own lineup of strong games consistently to set yourself apart from the competition

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wiz7191663d ago

@NoHo your right bro and people need to realize that. The Xbox division wasn't being support like it should of until recently. I remember reading the money was being split between surface , xbox , and something else. Just because Microsoft as a company has a lot of money that doesn't mean the xbox division has money. They can only work with what the higher ups dedicate to xbox. Prime example Bill Gates has billions of dollars but i bet his kids doesnt have access to his money , they get what he gives.

The-Matrix-has-you664d ago

My thoughts exactly man. Microsoft has the resources and money to make great games, but will they? Will they take risks creating new IP’s? Will they let their development studios make games that they are passionate about?

Microsoft just doesn’t get it. They don’t understand what gamers really want. We want new, fresh and polished experiences. We want them to succeed. I want to be able to say yes to every question I asked but I fear they will never learn that lesson.

Potnoodle999663d ago

We want a company like Sony. We have them. We also want and need Nintendo. Are we being greedy asking for a third company to bring something great to the table? I don’t think so, I hope they do it, but personally they have let me down and massively failed on delivering on every occasion over the last decade...

rockwhynot663d ago

smokin' up sum of that stuff I see Pheonix. Blinx, Voodoo Vince and Halo for the OG, Fable 2, Gears of War, Alan Wake, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Condemned for the 360, Dead Rising 3, and Titanfall for the Xbox One.

343_Guilty_Spark663d ago

The Xbox and Xbox 360 had great 1st party support

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Automatic79664d ago

Xbox has over 1900 games in development. I have no doubt that they will produce a beautiful variety of games. Gears 5, Ori, BattleToads, OuterWorlds, Blair Witch, 12 Minutes, Bleeding Edge, Halo Infinite stood out to me at E3. Love how GamePass is a Plus towards unlimited games. I still buy my games but GamePass has really helped Xbox go all in on games.

Relientk77664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Microsoft need a lot more than that next-gen to sell Project Scarlett, in my opinion.

-Foxtrot664d ago


Drop the 1

Then the 0

And now the other 0

Totals to 9

That's more believable

Brave_Losers_Unite664d ago

Playstation has over 1,000,000 games in development. Switch has 2,000,000 games releasing tomorrow

thexmanone663d ago

Don`t know what PS has, they we not at E3

Brave_Losers_Unite663d ago


Yet they still have more games coming out than Xbox. Go figure

Chevalier662d ago


" Don`t know what PS has, they we not at E3"

Its okay gaming on Xbox has made it hard to see that Playstation has these games that are 'exclusives'. Taking off those rose tinted glasses might help too.

xX-oldboy-Xx664d ago

Has ms even had that many games release on all their console combined? You need some vitamins mate, it'll help you think clearly.

663d ago
Potnoodle999663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

This has never helped them over the last decade. Why will it change now? Why in gods name would you have no doubt? You do have doubt. Because they haven’t produced a beautiful variety of QUALITY games in over 10 years. All I have seen gamepass do is turn Xbox into a really cheap bargain bin for very low quality sup-par gaming experiences. Great for your money, bad for your imagination. I’m glad I pay more to Sony to give me games like God of war, The last of us, last guardian, bloodborne and horizon. Same with Nintendo and Zelda, xenoblade, Mario.

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AK91664d ago

Anyone remember this? This was in E3 2015 it's gotten WORSE since then.

william_cade664d ago

They are pretty good at making cell phone and mmo style games.

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