Studios That Microsoft Should Buy Next | From Bungie to Remedy Entertainment

Microsoft‘s recent spree of studio acquisitions indicates the company is planning wisely for its next generation of console hardware. Though Double Fine, Inxile, Obsidian, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and Ninja Theory cater to a wide variety of genres, there’s room for more diversity among the Xbox Game Studios lineup. The following are a few developers that should be on the publisher’s shortlist moving forward.

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lxeasy1800d ago

I definitely agree with Moon Studios. There's no denying Bungie was at their best when they were with Microsoft. The who activision partnership clearly didn't turn out to well. MDHR is another natural fit for Xbox. Their collaboration on Cuphead was spectacular. Just like their collaboration with Moon studios pumping out Ori. Both are no doubt two of the best platforms this gen. I'm surprised they didn't acquire Remedy. Their partnership has been strong throughout the years.

TK-661800d ago

Moon Studios should be a must once their distribution deal ends. Ori is among the best games of this generation and Ori 2 looks amazing so they'd be fools to not pick them up.

xX-oldboy-Xx1800d ago

Halo was created without ms though, BUNGIE just took the money but had a get out clause. If it was all roses they would've renegotiated, but they chose to leave - why do you think that is?

DaDrunkenJester1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


You're right that Halo was being made before MS bought them, but the original game was going to be a 3rd person action adventure game. Now im not going to say it looked bad, but that Mac footage they showed in 98 looked bad.

Possibly MS helped them create the game that redefined FPS games and shot them to the stardom they know. And as far as why they left. Well, they wanted to move on and make Destiny and MS wanted more Halo.

TK-661799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


"why do you think that is?"

Money? I mean in the end Destiny's core mechanics were heavily based on Halo's so they didn't even make anything new. $500 million literally blown for a relatively 'meh' Halo clone. The level design wasn't even slightly close to the quality they'd achieved with Halo 3 so at this point it's safe to say Bungie is a shell of it's former self especially once we saw them kick Marty O'Donnell out.

It's extremely ironic watching Crowbcat's video comparing 343 dev's vidoc to Bungie's and seeing just how far Bungie have fallen in their design philosophy.

1799d ago
PepsivsCoke1799d ago

I’m pretty sure Bungie wants to stay away from being with a parent company. If I remember right they watched as Halo changed everything but instead of getting crazy rich they watched the developers of Gears get crazy rich and Bungie got “bonuses”. I imagine that must have really sucked!

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Ceaser98573611800d ago

Remedy looks like is titling towards Sony.. With Control being Marketing by Sony and Yoshida visiting them and Remedy visiting Naughty dog and insomniac... A good partnership between them seems possible..

Abnor_Mal1800d ago

Just saw this same thing being said on YouTube by some dude named MBG iirc.

With Remedy also visiting Insomniac, what does that mean, were Insomniac purchased since they've also been recently working with Sony and see great success with their last game and games in general for the platform. This is similar to when Sony were courting Hideo Kojima, will Remedy soon he making an exclusive and or be purchased by Sony.

From Software will not most likely be bought by Microsoft, for mainly the same reason(s) people gave against Sony purchasing them. That they are a multiplatform company with many of their games on other platforms and would seem pretty messed up to introduce those titles then tell people they will not get sequels to Seriko and Dark Souls. Also an acquisition may come with the condition of making more soulsborne games at a frequent pace. *(not my words but rather something said by someone in the comments for "Extending the Family: Possible Studios Sony Has Their Eyes On.") So I would think that same logic would apply to Microsoft same as Sony trying to buy them.

MDHR is a small company that could possibly grow with Microsoft, judging from the article Cuphead is their only game. IO Interactive I guess the same could be said of them like From Software, but they've not really seen success with the last two Hitman games, I believe the self published their last game after leaving Square Enix. A good get would be Creative Assembly as they cover many different genres.

Bungie and Remedy I dont know about, since Bungie bought back their independence from Microsoft, and Remedy deciding to go third party also. What would be the point to leave and then return, then again the same could be said about Insomniac. Although Remedy and Insomniac were never first party like Bungie.

Sevir1800d ago

If Shu is visiting Remedy, then it means that They've struck some sort of deal on a new IP... Likely to shore up for Next Gen Development. Given that Insomniac is second party, them visiting a insomniac likely means they're getting a feel for how Sony deals with second party studios and partners.

I can't imagine they'd convince Remedy to go full first party with them, when Microsoft has been trying for the entirety of the 360 and Earlier part of the XBO generation. If an acquisition was to happen, I believe it would have happened with Microsoft.

Automatic791799d ago


Remedy works on Crossfire X which is coming exclusive to Xbox. Control may be marketed by Sony but it is multiplatform.

Ceaser98573611799d ago

I never said Control is exclusive to PS4. Read again what I have written...
Also Crossfire X aint exclusive either.. Its launching first on Xbox in 2020 Remedy said it check their Twitter so it will release on the PS4 as well.. And Crossfire was free to play in Asia . Crossfire X will probably have Single player campaign which remedy is working on.

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GrubsterBeater1799d ago

“Why destroy one studio...when we can destroy TWO studios?!!?”
- MIcrosoft

timotim1799d ago

Minecraft is thriving under Microsoft and has only gotten bigger.

GrubsterBeater1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


That’s what is typically referred to as “anecdotal evidence”.

In other words, just because you have ONE example of evidence that goes against what I said, does not mean that what I said is no longer true.

Not only that, but Minecraft was already fully made (aside from obvious subsequent content updates, etc.) before Microsoft paid 2.5 billion for the studio (Mojang) along with the game. Minecraft was also too big to fail anyway at the time Microsoft came along, so that’s a really bad anecdote to try and refute what I said.

Add in the fact that the three cofounders of the studio left Mojang once Microsoft bought the studio, thus breaking up the studio, or as I claimed; “destroyed” the studio.

timotim1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

More than anything...its the LATEST evidence which is very important in this context. I would much rather hear/see evidence of their latest acquisitions (the others are still too early to even begin to judge), than to hear/see evidence of studios from yesteryear that was under different management at the time.

If the context is what will Microsoft do with these studios going forward under Phil Spencer, Satya Nadella, and Matt Booty, then don't give examples of studios from 20 years ago under Robbie Bach, Steve Ballmer, Terry Myerson and Don Matrick...that doesn't fit.

In terms of Minecraft, its a valid point because Microsoft didn't have to continue the franchise as a multiplatform franchise. When Microsoft purchased Mojang, Minecraft wasn't the world's biggest selling game IP of all time, that was done under Microsoft. Not only have they expanded on the number of platforms by bringing it to the Nintendo platforms for the first time, but they were also the ones that unified the game in cross-play allowing consoles, PC and mobile gamers to all play together. Then theirs Minecraft Education Edition which Microsoft had the vision for. They have allowed Mojang to continue to produce other games like Cobalt, and Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth is direct evidence that studios under this new Xbox leadership has freedom to try new things when if this was the past leaders of Xbox...they would have told them to get started right away on Minecraft 2...

ILostMyMind1799d ago

"Minecraft" was thriving before Microsoft.

timotim1799d ago


The point i am making is that yes, while was already thriving before, it has only gotten bigger since the Microsoft acquisition. The guy is implying that Microsoft only ruins studios, yet Microsoft has only expanded the reach of the IP as it continues to grow.

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Jin_Sakai1800d ago

Lets just gobble up all the studios we can. That’s the answer to all our problems.

Jin_Sakai1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

“You got any other suggestions”

Yes, build more studios from the ground up and add to the studios they already have.

Also let developers like The Coalition continue the IP they were making before they were told to make Gears.

AngelicIceDiamond1800d ago

"Yes, build more studios from the ground up and add to the studios they already have." so that way developers can take longer to release AAA games at 3 years out. This isn't the 90's where major AAA studios were popping up left and right .We have no idea how long it took for MS build that studio, All we know is that company is still in staffing and concept phasing of development and MS doesn't have the time to build studios from scratch. Plus I really don't wanna hear you complain "how long its taking" yes you're a hypocrite like that because you're being a hypocrite right here.

xX-oldboy-Xx1800d ago

AngelicIceDiamond - Absolutely - invest in studios you already have, support and expand. Just proves how out of touch they are, throwing money at a problem you don't fully comprehend.

Instead of releasing 5 dud games a gen, let's release 15. Smart move that one.

Jin_Sakai1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

”so that way developers can take longer to release AAA games at 3 years out. This isn't the 90's where major AAA studios were popping up left and right”

They’ve had years to build new studios and focus on building quality exclusives. Purchasing studios isn’t the only option. Now they’re focused on quantity and Gamepass fillers.

sinspirit1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


Their buying of studios is because they have been lacking the commitment to create their own for a decade now. They've driven studios into the ground and eventually disbanded them and projects that didn't work out under their supervision. They have had years and years to build studios. Sure, buying established studios right now is smart in a business perspective. But, bad for the consumer. We are the consumers. So, I'm not going to babble on about business strategies. This site isn't for business. It's for passionate gamers. There is nothing positive from a consumer perspective about Microsoft's poor quality assurance, poor developer relations, and consumer care that makes these acquisitions exciting. For instance, Sony has a terrific relationship with Insomniac. We can get behind them acquiring them. But, even with Sony out of the picture, why would I care if MS bought them?

It's all to make up for their long standing shortcomings as a last ditch effort and going by their track record we can only have a slump where many of these studios won't deliver for their fans under their new ownership. Being optimistic and blind to support MS when their pattern is largely negative based on many many years is what prevented them from making action sooner. I'm not going to be excited about anything they buy until results are finally given and they fix their history.

I don't see why so many in support of acquiring these studios haven't complained about a lack thereof for the past decade.

Dragonscale1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Maybe with all there deep pockets they could actually you know, try creating some of their own. Whether they buy a studio or create a new one a new game will still take just as long to make.

Bathyj1799d ago

How about build a studio, and nurture some creativity? Wholesale buying is not going to help Microsoft's problem. Their whole philosophy is wrong. They bought Rare and turned them into trash. They bought The Coalition just to continue their franchise game. That's why they'll never have studios that refine themselves like Guerrilla did with Horizon or reinvigorate a stale franchise like Good of War. . Ms are just doing it wrong

gangsta_red1799d ago


It's hilarious the amount of misunderstanding from these replies.

The complaint for so long was MS needs more first party studios.

Now the complaint (i.e. goal posts) has been switched to MS needs to *build* first party studios from the ground up.

No other company has done this to the extent some of you are requiring MS too.

MS had already built 343, The Coalition, The Initiative from the ground up, given them resources and expanded their teams, but that's not good enough. Every studio has to be built from the ground up now.

Then the complaint will be switched to another non sensical argument of, "MS should have done it a long time ago". Basically they're going to complain no matter what MS does.