Suicide Bomber Game Condemned by Terror Victims

Members of the Bali Bombing Victims Group have condemned an online game which plays out the role of a suicide bomber.

The game, called Kaboom, was written in flash by a hobbyist developer and released onto online games service website Newgrounds. It features a suicide-bomber navigating a busy street, with points awarded for the volume of kills each suicide-bomb yields.

British tabloid newspapers have branded the game as vile, and have asked members of the Bali Bombing Victims Group to comment of the game. Susanna Miller, who lost her brother Dan in the 2002 attacks in Indonesia, called it "callous, inappropriate, irresponsible and deeply offensive."

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timmyrulz4057d ago

Lets see if this game gets the same attention as Muslim Massacre

Filet of Children4057d ago

What the hell. I mean, yeah, it's morally abysmal, but didn't this game come out years ago? I was playing this game (or one creepily close to it) at least 4 or 5 years ago now. Why is it just hitting the news?

Excalibur4057d ago

They put forth half as much energy condemning the actual act the world would have a lot less trouble. ;)

dexterwang4057d ago

no offense to them, but WTF is that. almost every single game out there is immoral... so killing a cop in GTA 4 is moral? wiping out a village in fallout 3 with kids in it is ok? How about blasting people into 10 peices in TF2? What does being a suicide bomber makes it more or less worse then those.

Its a video game and there are alot more offense things then that in the world

Armyless4057d ago

I wonder what the Metacritic score for this game is?

moe844056d ago

A 10! A 10! A F*CKING 10!!!!!

That's a bad score right?

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