Edge: The Grim Tone of Gears of War 2

"One of the problems with videogamers is that they don't take the videogame worlds very seriously," says design director Cliff Bleszinski. "It's just like wink-wink, hey, it's a videogame – whatever, right?"

Epic Games wants you to care about its story. Gears 2 attempts to take a more sombre tone than the first game, inviting gamers to become emotionally involved.

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Gun_Senshi4057d ago

"Epic Games wants you to care about its story."

What gears have a story?


I will never understand whats wrong with this guys and his fanboys. He is an arrogant fool full of himself who thinks he is gaming god when he is just another normal developer compared to Miyamoto and Kojima.

I did not play Geow2 but I did play Geow1 and I tried it serveral times. I will never ever understand why people love it so much and say its so graphical and cool gameplay etc. Graphics are just Meh UE3. Gameplay is copy of kill.switch and ends up VERY VERY repetative. Characters? Oh god they have to make the worse I ever saw in video game and due to this fact it leads to having bad story.

While that is my opinion about Geow1 everyone is entitled to his opinion. But Cliffy being an arrogant prick is a fact.

Before you call me fanboy and take away my bubbles with your multiple accounts, here is proof I have Geow1 and also that I tried it recently on the wake of Geow2 to give it yet another chance.

JeffGUNZ4057d ago

I didn't take your bubbles or anything like that away because I believe everyone is allowed and should express their opinion without punishment. With that being said, how can you honestly say the graphics are just "meh". The graphics blow any other game out of the water, when it came out. You show me a game on PS3 that compared to Gears 1 when it first came out graphically? The game play is nothing like Killswitch. It is a unique cover system and original to Gears. Just because Killswitch was the first to use a form of a cover system, does that mean no other game can use cover? So, I guess people in war don't use cover? Really, that means killswitch stole the whole cover thing from real soliders during WWI and WWI and all the other wars in the world. Cliff deserves all the media attention he is getting and will get. He has made 2 unbelievable games and him and Epic should feel superior. He isn't arrogant, he is confident. Two sucessful games gives him that confidence.

timmyrulz4057d ago

All hail Kojima, the guy who brings out one game every 5 years! at least Cliffy has made 3 games so far in the current gen with all 3 scoring very very highly.

And the graphics are meh? only a fanboy can come out with such nonsense

Sarcasm4057d ago

"You show me a game on PS3 that compared to Gears 1 when it first came out graphically?"

Impossible, because the PS3 came out after Gears 1 anyway. If anything, I can show you plenty of "1 year later" titles like Gears 1 was for the 360.

Look up Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank Future, Heavenly Sword.

If anything, Ratchet & Clank Future's graphics blew Gears 1 away.

Gun_Senshi4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Go play Crysis. If you want I take screenshots and post them for you.

Its not X360 vs PS3. The gaming world is not those ONLY

Being a PC Gamer, I was able to play Geow graphics long ago.

Also Mr JeffGUNZ. Having 2 good games does not make him god. Look at Kojima. He is humble yet best developer at the moment (Miyamoto lost his touch)

asyouburn4057d ago

why must he be a fanboy cuz he wasn;t impressed by the graphics? ps3 aside, i could name a few 360 games that look better in comparison. its the nature of unreal. everyone uses it this gen. im not saying the graphics are sh!t, but unreal can only do so much. if it could do alot more, then why is gears 2 graffix just gears 1 with diff lighting?

thewhoopimen4057d ago

Well if we all took Geow2's world seriously, then Sera's male population would need to cut the steroids, pick up some books, and find out where the locusts are hiding the women. One-liners just aren't going to cut it once they start dating again. And also, I'd feel bad for the queen finding a consort, since all her minions have one word vocabularies, such as "Boom, Hungry, crush, etc." lol.

Montrealien4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

If I understand this corectly, what you`re saying is that Vista works just fine.You don`t like Gears of War. And PC gaming is sooo much cooler then console gaming. We`ll I game on all platforms, and Dig Dug is a great game, and Muds have the best graphics to date in the history of mankind...

immmmaaaaaggginnaaatttioooonn n!

hay4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

@JeffGUNZ: Seshi didn't say a word about xbox and ps3, chill out with the fanboyism dude.

Gun_Senshi4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Did I say vista works? I hate vista but I have to use it to use DX10 and the 64 Bit one due to having 8GB RAM.

Also I own a Wii and PS3. They got their own exclusives to play and appeal to me. With Wii is when I am in a mood for fun PS3 depends on game but mainly I use PC due to my work and lots of games installed in it ready for us.

Montrealien4057d ago

But you play so many games on Vista, It can`t be that bad. And did I metion, Dig Dug has amazing graphics, and no modern computer can match what Muds did back in the day.

Immmmaaaggggiiiiinnnnnaaaattt tiiiiooonn!

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englandsbest3164057d ago

Gears 1 94%
Gears 2 (currently at 94%)

E.P.I.C. and cliffy b must be doing somthing right to get such universal acclaim for 2 of the best games on the planet.

Montrealien4057d ago

what`s your story?

Troll all day, go to bed, troll all morning.....sad.

now go bubble your accounts.

chop! chop!

timmyrulz4057d ago

"If anything, Ratchet & Clank Future's graphics blew Gears 1 away"

Err no it didnt

Nikkelz4057d ago

and to tell you the truth i was blown away....maybe the story shouldve been fleshed out more during the game,but in epic's defense they really did a good job of promoting the story of sera early on in the game's development cycle....i basically knew the story before i actually played the game thanks to game informer magazine and their blowout of the game(wayyy before the xb360 came out i might add)so i was pretty sold on it from the start,good job to those guys

and to the young gamer that says epic is small potatoes compared to miyamoto and kojima,maybe so but then again those same to guys are praising western developers for their advancement in the video games in all fairness you cant just say that epic games are a bunch of wanna be's because cliffy b in my age and miyamoto san is like 50 and kojima is like 40 and they been in the business since the 80's and me and cliffy were in grade school then

hay4057d ago

Epic is a well established studio with experience and it's place in the gaming world. There's no doubt about it. Other devs are working on Epic's engines so it's a big deal since there are some really cool games made on Unreal Engine.
It's just Cliff, while being talented designer(popularity of Gears is a proof), he's a real jerk ; p

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