Here's a First Look at GT Sport's New Sardegna Road Circuit

June 2019 looks like it could be a bit of a bumper month for new GT Sport content. We’ve got new cars in the pipeline, new weather conditions set to…

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Knushwood Butt825d ago


Nurburgring 24 this weekend. Get the beers in.

purple101825d ago

Best supported game I'm not sure but there has been something new, every month, for free. I'm so happy with it. Got a ps4 with uncharted 4 and gt sport. Haven't looked back.

Italiano1234567825d ago

They have added so much content its ridiculous.

Master of Unlocking825d ago

Wow, when I played the Beta months ago there were pretty much only concept cars and I didn't like it and I thought I was going to completely skip this GT game, but if they add a sufficient number of real cars (and not just GT supercars) maybe I'm gonna cave in and end up buying it after all.