Blizzard Unfazed by Conan, Warhammer

Blizzard president Mike Morhaime wasn't shy in calling out competing products during a Wednesday earnings call, as he pointed out how players may leave World of Warcraft for other MMOs, but they often come right back.

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ancyuber4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

I've "left" for a few games


I skipped Warhammer with WotLK around the corner.

I remember when I canceled WoW for AoC, in the additional comments I wrote "oh cmon, we both know I'll be back =("

hay4048d ago

I have the same thing with EQ2. Left it for other mmos including WoW but I came back to it several times. No other mmo gave me so much fun and immersion.
Anyways, it won't be possible for few years to beat WoW in terms of popularity and subscribtions.

Perjoss4048d ago

he's right, It certainly isn't a perfect game, but as far as sheer quality and huge amounts of content, MUCH of it given freely (if you remember wow on first release day compared to now and exclude burning crusade content, thats A LOT added for free) its the biggest fish in the pond, and I only see it being knocked off the top (if ever) by blizzard themselves with the new mmo they are working on.

Yes I think KotoR mmo will be fantastic, but not a wow beater, I just cant see it happening.

LoveWaffles4048d ago

I know a lot of people on WAR servers who played WoW and say that War is much better in terms on PvP. This they say will keep them playing War over WoW.

The one thing I think that keeps Wow so strong is people invested way too much time and money into it. So obviously they are gonna go back to a game that they spent countless of hours and money on to make sure they didn't waste their resources.

If any other MMO would have a chance at Wow it would be War. It has a strong loyal fanbase for the franchise, a little over 25 years. But by all means WAR will not shoot up to the number one spot in a matter of months.

But I do suspect that they are keeping a very careful eye of War.

I also wonder how much of those 11 million people are actually Chinese gold farmers?

Bolts4048d ago

WAR is DYING and the pop on most servers are shrinking because RvR is in worst shape than the US economy. Blizzard is not keeping a careful eye on WAR, they're laughing all the way to the bank.

moe844047d ago

The problem I see with WAR, is that when you decide you're wanting a break from constant PvP. There isn't much of a PvE content to take a break with. Not to mention, when server populations are low, PvP fails.

In WoW, you can just jump in and 9 times out of 10, there is something to do PvP wise. And PvE if you can't find something to do you're blind.

As for the Chinese Gold Farmer comment. The number doesn't matter. Each one is an account, being paid for. And for the most part, being leveled up some how or another. Blizzard may not like the method of leveling, or the purpose of the account. But it's still revenue that keeps coming back. The demand for gold is so high.

LoveWaffles4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

How war is dying??? Enlighten me to your omniscient knowledge of all things MMO, if you would.


I agree you do bring up valid points. When I play early on, since they are my nights, I have a had time finding PvP on the flipside though the game is only two months old I don't expect it to go from nothing to something in that short of time.

The beginnings of all things are small.

moe844047d ago

"The beginnings of all things are small.
~Cicero "

True, but I really don't see WAR being able to become WoW's equal. Much less being more. Having about a 4 year head start doesn't help. But WoW caters to the hardcore, as well as the casual gamers. WAR not so much and until they do(if), WoW will always be an unreachable dream to Mythic and WAR.

I'm waiting until WAR has been out for about 6 months before I step in. Most MMO's last that long, so even if WAR tanks within a year(which it won't). Buying a copy won't be so bad. Even if worse case, the game is good for a month. 50 bucks for a month of game play is more than worth it.

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emazzuca4047d ago

"46 percent of players who listed Warhammer as their reason for cancellation have reactivated their subscriptions to World of Warcraft.""

Where did they get this statistic? because when you quit Warhammer, it doesn't ask the customer their reason for leaving, so how do they get this statistic?

Ruind4047d ago

When you cancel your subscription to WoW, they ask why. Of the 100 out hundreds of thousands of people who actually take the time to answer this question, 50 said that they were leaving WoW to go play Warhammer. Out of these 50 people, 23 reactivated their accounts with WoW.

Just an example... but these "statistics" are completely worthless. 46%, 68%... these numbers sound really good, but convey little to no information about the reality of what they're claiming. It doesn't matter anyway. They're still raking in a jillion dollars a month. I think WoW is the "gym membership" of the video game world. You buy it and use it for a few days/weeks/months, then sit by and do nothing as they take your money every month.

Sprudling4047d ago

You can pay for one month at a time.

Pain4047d ago

Conan would have easily sold few Million just on Xbox, and lets not think about WAR being at the hands of 20 million Xboxes and 17 mill PS3's..

just some from both side would equal WoWs 11 mill.