Street Fighter Alpha 3 Rated for PlayStation 3 and PSP

Gaming Front: "The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) have given a T rating to Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation portable."

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thereapersson4046d ago

I lost my copy of Alpha 3 a long time ago, and have always wanted it to be re-released over the PSN. I thought it to be odd that they released the first Alpha, considering 3 is the best of the series.

I will be buying this, if it turns out that the game ends up coming out.

Tacki4046d ago

I knew this would be coming! Ah, I'm going to be overwhelmed with all this Street Fighter goodness! Thank you, Capcom.

Now I know it's very unlikely this would happen... but if they did a 3rd Strike HD Remix kind of thing they'd have my undying loyalty forever. Oh god, that would be like a dream!

thereapersson4046d ago

Seriously, that's my favorite Street Fighter game of all time, just barely in front of Alpha 3. That would be majestic...