Square Enix CEO: FFVII Taught Us Remakes Are Even More Challenging to Develop Than Original Titles

Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda said the company learned from FFVII that remakes are even more challenging than original titles.

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Alexious1861d ago

Understatement of the decade, I'd say!

Potnoodle9991861d ago

If gamers weren’t think of the shit products we would get😂 sucks to be a dev but great to be a gamer! Except we’re never happy with the product.... hmm great 😂

KyRo1861d ago

Not always true. I mean as gamers our voices have been well and truly heard on loot boxes and things seem to be slowly changing. Other times the moaning about Cyberpunks perspective, Spiderman puddles and Mass Effects ending are quite pathetic. It's someone's vision and work, not ours as gamers. We don't complain to musicians to change tracks on a album that have been released for being bad, we voice out opinion and hopefully they'll take it on board for the next release.

Muzikguy1861d ago

I'm not sure what to think of their comments actually. If they think making.originals are so much easier then where are they? They haven't released many games on the JRPG front over recent years. Especially when compared to previous generations. I get that it's different now and takes more time. Just like other studios and their works, but just an observation. At least they're noticing some things I'll give them that. My hype has started to return for the remake

TK-661861d ago

"I'm not sure what to think of their comments actually. If they think making.originals are so much easier then where are they? They haven't released many games on the JRPG front over recent years."

They have. Off the top of my head we've got Bravely Default, Octopath, I am Setsuna, Lost Sphear and Oninaki. Are they big AAA monsters? No, but they're still brilliant games.

BrianOBlivion1861d ago

Yes, of course they are entitled -to a good, finished, quality-tested, fun game for their money, just like any other product in any other industry.

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harmny1861d ago

it has its pros and its cons
on one hand you have setting, characters, story, already done. and you know people love it
on the other hand. one misstep and youre done. people will hate you like you punched his baby on the nose.

other problem is that older games had awful graphics so you can get away with much more epic and varied settings.
you put there a couple of polygons and there it is... Midgar. now you go back and you realize you have to actual model and texture a MASSIVE city like Midgar.

Asuka1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Yeah I think people don't seem to understand the scale of the game that is the remake. Because of the the graphical quality of the original title Square was able to take some liberations with the art direction. For example when you had to sneak onto the shinra ship at junon and disguise yourselves as shinra soldiers. Red XIII was dressed as a soldier and nobody seem to notice and it was kinda funny because the graphics were pretty muddy anyway so it was hard to tell either way. But if they were to recreate that scenario using today's graphics it'll look plainly obvious that a realistic looking cat was dressed up as a soldier and proportionally it would just look awkward as Red was never a bipedal.

small scenarios like that are littered throughout final fantasy VII and just wouldn't translate well into a modern game. Leaving SE no choice but to redo entire scenarios just so they actually make sense in relation to the graphical quality that is now expected. That of course means change to certain aspects which will make some people upset I'm sure. A lot of that awkwardness though was some of the charm of the original game and that will be lost in this remake. However I'm still looking forward to it regardless.

TeamIcoFan1861d ago

The only way that Red XIII disguise scene would work in the remake is if he tried to pass his look off to the lower rank guards as a result of being exposed to too much Mako, since in the original game's lore, Humans who were exposed to too much Mako become severely deformed and become unintelligent.

But that would be really, really, pushing the suspension of disbelief at best and laughably idiotic at worst.

franwex1861d ago

Oh I’m ready for the avalanche of complaints because they changed something or didn’t implemented another and how they have ruined ff7.

BLizardXD1861d ago

you're not supposed to know sephiroth's identity in midgar. nor of his involvement. probably one of the most notable changes to the story. with his identity revealed it leaves few shock moments to the story.

InKnight7s1861d ago

I had learnt that, I shouldn't trust SE CEOs and their higher ups no matter what, they ruined Xiii, XIII Versus and much more.

spambot08151861d ago

maybe, but if it works, you should have a remake bluprint for all the other titles like parasite eve, xenogears, chrono trigger besides the final fantasy series as well.

franwex1861d ago

Or create new franchises like how they did back in the mid 90s. Last successful new was Nier, which is not even new technically.

franwex1861d ago

So is Octopath Traveller, which I forgot about. Hahaha.

They have great unique ideas too.