Devil May Cry for Switch launches June 25 in the west & June 27 in Japan

The Switch version of the original Devil May Cry will launch via the Nintendo eShop on June 25 in the west and June 27 in Japan for $19.99 / 1,990 yen, listings on the Nintendo eShop have revealed.

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PhoenixUp769d ago

What kind of joke is this?

In 2015 Capcom released Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition for $25, and that had plenty of extra features over the original. That makes this Switch port of just DMC1 at a somewhat similar price pale in comparison.

Just to add more salt on the wound you can currently get the entire DMC collection for just $20 & $30 on other platforms

FalconofLucis98769d ago

Nintendo have always been 5 years behind in everything they do. They hold the industry back. Then again it is their fanboys who have to pay the price with these overpriced games. So I aint complaining lol.

BLow769d ago

$20 for the original.🤔 I know you get crucified on here for saying anything bad about Nintendo but this is ridiculous. This is one thing Nintendo fans need to scream about.


Screaming won't solve anything. I vote with my dollars and feet.

AK91769d ago

Where are 3 and 4 they would sell like crazy on the Switch.