TeamXbox: Gears 2 Flashback Map Pack Blowout

Tonight TeamXbox takes a closer look at the content of the Flashback Map Pack of Gears of War 2. Offered as a free download with the purchase of Gears of War 2, these five maps revisit areas of Gears of War but offer up an updated, enhanced look and feel.

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Chuck Norris4054d ago

This will definitely help sell HDDs.

Fishy Fingers4054d ago

I think their aim is to try and reduce people buying trade-in's. You only get the code if you buy the game new from retail.

But your right, should move a few HDDs.

pp4054d ago

Awsome bring it on 12:00 clock Mid-Night 7th November History will be rewritten.

dragunrising4054d ago

Amazon has a deal on them for $140 instead of $150. It's still a lot of money but a little bit more palatable of a purchase. Originally, I was keen on purchasing a 60 gb hard drive (for full game installs) but there isn't a data cable for that version. I guess the 60 gb is exclusively for arcade users who want an upgrade. Kind of a bummer.

The flashback map pack should sell some hard drives and encourage people to hold onto their games for longer. I'm contemplating selling my special edition gears of war but I'm not sure I could part with it. I guess I hope for its value to one day increase and make it worth holding on to.

OpiZA4054d ago

Apparently we don't get this in Sunny South Africa.


Miraak82 4054d ago

too bad they couldn't fit anything else on disc lol

Fox014054d ago

LBP, MGS IV had DLC. Do some research before talking out of your @zz.

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