PSX Extreme Resistance 2 review

PSX Extreme has posted their Resistance 2 review.

"Resistance 2 is a sweeping, grand epic of a masterpiece issued in staccato bursts of ceaselessly entertaining action, which ultimately provide the gamer with a wonderfully paced and satisfying adventure. It's a must for any PS3 owner, and continues the 2008 trend of unbelievably accomplished PS3 exclusives. Get it, and get it now. "

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aaron234057d ago

as more reviews are in

AAA fps is already on my ps3 as we speak


AAA Ps3 exclusive that murdered Gears 2

tatotiburon4057d ago

hahaha wann see a real murder?? check NPD at the end of this month

aaron234057d ago

Resistance 2 will sell more than Gears 2 in europe

so yea it will be even in Worldwide sales
In Japan Resistance 2 has a shot at 100k-200k too

It will also sell atleast a million when NPD is in
However Resistance 2 will murder Gears 2 in europe

FAQS4057d ago

I laugh a lot when some xbots talk about NPD sales, conviced that the only world they know is the US! HAHAHA! and I say to you: CHECK EUROPEANS AND JAPANESE CHARTS NEXT MONTH!

thereapersson4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Great work, Insomniac. Your hard work and dedication to bring gamers an amazing gaming experience, and one that shows excellent improvement over the (already) superb initial installment in the series, deserves the praise given thus far.

SL1M DADDY4057d ago

I like to see them because that means there are others that love the game as much as I do. I don't buy games based on reviews but rather review games I rent then buy if they have replay to them. As for R2, yeah, it's in my library now and I have been playing it long enough to say the game friggin' rocks.

SonyOwnsNextYear4057d ago

beat normal campaign yesterday, starting difficult campaign now.

there is so many game modes to start off with, + when you beat it you get more game modes!!

ShinnokDrako4057d ago

Great, Resistance 2 is getting a lot of 9+ votes lately. I was in the beta (still i am, european one) and i like it very much. I think 9 is the right vote for it, in my personal votes meter.

thereapersson4057d ago

I do wish they hadn't have changed the health system and weapon wheel. Those two things, IMO, were what set the original game apart from other shooters. Most notably though, was the health bar (where most shooters, including R2 are now going with a Halo-like regeneration system).

I felt the original's health bar added some needed tension and difficulty to the gameplay. Now we just have to hide and wait for our health to come back, which isn't as challenging IMO.

Apocwhen4057d ago

I agree reaper. In R1, because you had to watch your health as it was limited it made the game alot of challenging. With the health re-generation it seems to have changed things. It does seem alot of modern day shooters are now adopting this style so maybe it works better. Gone are the days of picking up health packs :)

SonyOwnsNextYear4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

enemies are much harder than r1 if you havent noticed.

in r1 they would run up on you from 12 oclock. i beat r1 on insane.

NOW they do sweeps, run up at 12, 3, 9 oclock if you try hiding to restore health in normal difficulty. ai is brutal, and pwnz on the later levels, thats an upgrade, sound is upgraded..practically no install time ANd the game still looks magnificent.

i do miss the weapons wheel, and in my opinion the game would have gotten all tens if they kept the numerous weapons

Danja4057d ago

Another near perfect score for a truly Epic game...

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The story is too old to be commented.