TeamXbox: MotoGP 08 Review

TeamXbox writes: "There are challenging racing games, (Forza 2) there are difficult racing games, (ToCA Race Driver 2) and then there's MotoGP. Not only does MotoGP throw racing game enthusiasts a curveball with the two wheel dynamic, but it also has been a sim-at-heart, which helps to explain the learning curve that's steeper than a super bike's acceleration graph.

Fears of the MotoGP series' gameplay difficulty have kept a lot of motorsports gurus away from the five Xbox titles that have come before the latest model-MotoGP 08. There's also the fact that professional sport bike racing is pretty much unpopular in the U.S. Even religious watchers of Superbikes! can't name a single MotoGP venue, driver or the engine displacement of a MotoGP-spec machine. To westerners, MotoGP is the football (aka soccer) of the motorsport world."

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