PALGN: Pure Review

PALGN writes: "It's the third last corner and you're in eighth place, battling for second. You batter into the vehicles on your right, then on your left before preloading for a jump, you make the jump successfully but your opponents aren't so lucky. You creep up into fifth place with only two jumps left before the finishing line, you use the boost to take the second last jump, you're going fast enough to reach an alternate route which is a shortcut, you make it into third place with a close eye on second and first place. There is one last corner, you use the boost, but save enough to pull of a trick on the last corner, you take the corner, one of your opponents takes a tumble and it's neck and neck for first place, before you boost towards the finish line and wait for the result. Were you first or second? In Pure, these are the kind of heart stopping, adrenalin-infused events you'll take part in every single race. That's mud on the back of your pants right?"

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