Microsoft Could Acquire Two Studios in the Next Two Months if The Right Deals Were Available

Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty said Microsoft has the support to acquire even two studios in the next couple of months if the right deals were available.

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ccgr26d ago

Interesting, we'll see what happens

mikeslemonade25d ago

The #1 reason why Microsoft will win next gen. Microsoft has lots of cash just sitting on the sideline. Only now they’re using that cash in a major way.

mafiabrett25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Cash alone won't help them. The games they produce need to be good. The best way to do this is let the devs do their own thing and allow them to be creative.. Microsoft needs to be hands off and give them the money and time needed to produce those games.

That's why Sony has been so successful is allowing the Devs to choose what games they make. Sony could of easily told Guerilla to keep making Killzones but instead we got Horizon which is amazing. They could of told Naughty Dog to keep doing Uncharted only but now we have The Last of Us.

I want to see what Coalition can do besides Gears or what 343 can come up with instead of Halo.

I do believe Obsidian and Inxile are major buys though.. both have extremely good role-playing writers on staff. I would love to see what big budget games they can produce with creative freedom

Lennoxb6325d ago


"Microsoft needs to be hands off"

I wish people would stop saying this and only correlating it to MS. None of these companies are hands off. Not Sony, not Nintendo, or any publisher are hands off of what their studios are doing. Stop believing this myth that Sony and Nintendo leaves their investments unchecked but MS is watching over them like vultures. None of them are just going to release any old game out of trust in their developers.

Sophisticated_Chap25d ago

That's true, Microsoft are making big moves ahead of the next generation. Their whole approach to PC is also really something that gamers are going to love as time goes on. These are interesting times to be sure.

william_cade25d ago

They've had more money than every one else for generations and all they got to show for it is the 360.

sinspirit25d ago


They literally wanted Bungie to do nothing but make Halo and they made Rare develop Kinect games and avatars.

No one literally means hands off means, 100%, hands off. The context of it means that generally Sony studios get free-reign with little oversite. Nintendo studios aren't as vocal or known individually but we see their creative freedom in the products themselves.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

LMAo...imagine being this dilusional. Ms is playing catch up, Sony already has top tier studios who are expanding BTW.

Only now? Did you sleep through the other gens?

Edito25d ago

What do you mean by win?

ILostMyMind25d ago

If Microsoft wins, gamers will lose.

hamburgerhill25d ago

At that time Xbox gamers wanted Halo. MS did right by them. Also don't forget MS allowed Bungie to make Stubbs Zombie killer which didn't do so well.

darthv7225d ago

@burger... stubbs was not a bungie game. It was made using the halo engine but it was developed by wideload. As for devs who keep making the same thing... it can also be said that those devs WANT to be doing the same thing to improve their skills for the next iteration. Why else do you think PD keeps making GT games or Turn 10 making Forza? They find things to add and ways to improve the quality of their work in each version.

Would I like PD to make something else? Sure. will they? That is for them to decide. Same goes with any dev who is good at something and/or wants to branch out and do something else. Funny that people bring up bungie because bungie didnt want to keep making Halo so what did they do.... they left and made a Halo-esq type of game that Activision published.

If MS is courting devs, i hope one of them is CDPR. Those guys got game.

trooper_25d ago

Cash that they're not using smartly.

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lxeasy25d ago

Xbox is bringing it next gen. Project Scarlett is going to be their best console generation thus far if they keep this up.

trooper_25d ago

Yeah, they're bringing something alright.


KaiPow26d ago

Hopefully we can see them get some of the growing Chinese talent under their belt.

galmi25d ago

i dont get the down votes

Elit3Nick25d ago

I don't either, there's incredible talent hiding in China, many anime studios are outsourcing from chinese animators, and there's multiple single-dev projects that look better than many AAA games.

Sophisticated_Chap25d ago

A rather weird thing to hope for, especially when China and their companies steal intellectual property and ideas from the rest of the world, and undercut the rest of the world with their very poor labour rates. A very devious country indeed.

akbennyewu25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Why worry about that when many Western games steal assets from one another. Destiny and Warframe, overwatch and paladins. Not to mention how we hear multiple times a year how company x has awful labor practices during crunch time (R* -RDR2, Bioware - Anthem).

Sure it might be on a different economic scale, but it isn't that different.

Chris_Wray26d ago

I'm not sure if that's a good idea really. Sure, it offers extra funding to the studios in question but their autonomy is gone, they have overlords that will direct them.

As much as MS will say they're being hands-off now, soon enough, like every company, they will expect more and more, for less and less. It's not a deal I'd want to take having seen what has happened to so many developers in the past, including Lionhead under MS.

coolbeans26d ago

-"Sure, it offers extra funding to the studios in question but their autonomy is gone, they have overlords that will direct them."

Independent developers still face this if they have any publisher's backing, so this appeal applies to self-funded devs (which isn't the norm). But I acknowledge there is a track record for those devs to consider.

ElementX26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yes Lionhead was told to make a service based Fable game, however that was years ago. A number of employees left Lionhead before the purchase by MS and when Molyneux left things fell apart. MS and the acquired studios have both said they have creative freedom.

leejohnson22226d ago

I wouldn't imagine they would say anything else.

ElementX25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

If the developers were forced to make something they didn't want to, I'd imagine they would find other jobs, but you don't hear about people leaving. Furthermore, I'm not so sure the developers would agree to be acquired if they were going to be forced into games they don't believe in, the creative freedom is probably part of the contract. If somebody came up to you and said we'll buy your company if you only produce the games we want, would you agree?

TheUndertaker8525d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Former Blizzard employee talking Sony censorship

Activision talks about dropping Bungie

King_Noctis25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

You may have noticed that Xbox is under a different leadership now, and things are way way different from before (at least for now and for the foreseeable future).

tontontam025d ago (Edited 25d ago )

In case you haven't noticed most of the movies right now outsource some of the cg stuffs to china. I suggest that you take some time to view the credits when you watch in the cinema.

My point is the companies in china are not new to these stuffs.

dcbronco25d ago


I'd love to see some independent thoughts in comment sections. When you hear a well known developer telling you he won't be accepting interference at the companies conference it's a signal they know reputation and they're putting it behind them. Microsoft understands the future is in a streaming service and that requires exclusives. When you're releasing games on your services at launch you need happy developers. Plus there are other benefits to having a cloud based gaming system and AI being a part of gaming. The budgets given these developers will pay dividends for the company beyond gaming.

rainslacker25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

No publisher is completely hands off. They are investing money, and with that is the expectation that they have input on what's being produced. Sony's studios don't just get money, then say roll with it. Games are talked about, and analyzed, and examined during development to see what they feel is working, and what isn't.

The good publishers are those that cultivate talent, and promote creativity and allow for new ideas, and give the resources to make those visions come to life, but every developer understands that the producers(publishers in this case) will give directions as well. Good developers are one's that know what make games great, and are good at delivering a vision. Every vision is made by multiple people, barring one man projects which are usually more limited in scope.

dcbronco25d ago

I believe given Microsoft's reputation and their seeming need to appease ponies they will actually sit back and, outside of taste, they will be a silent partner. They know they will be criticized no matter what so they will want to be able to claim things weren't their fault.

But more than anything I believe someone at Microsoft developed a clue. What I mean is someone finally said Xbox Live is a huge opportunity to develop machine learning through millions of hours of gaming. Somebody finally said what gamers will do for AI and it's applications on the business side of Azure far outweigh the cost of three or four exclusives a year. That's the real reason everyone suddenly wants a game streaming service. Think of the top participants in cloud gaming(real and rumored) and then compare that list to a list of people working on AI machine learning. Microsoft pulling Sony and Nintendo was a real coup. Microsoft spends billions annually on R&D, this will save several billion annually. And eventually will give Microsoft an advantage that will make them far more billions in the future.

rainslacker24d ago

MS isn't going to drop tens of millions on a production and sit back and be hands off. It won't happen. Ever. That's not how producers work, nor is it even expected that a publisher will not have some say in the production of a product.

Being involved doesn't mean that they'll be overbearing and cause problems in the production, but they'll have their own needs from any given production. Even Sony tells Naughty Dog or SSM what they think might be good, and the devs will be expeceted to at least attempt it, but good producers do allow discussion on the ideas.

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Jackhass26d ago

There's not going to be a mid-sized indie developer that still independent soon!

gangsta_red26d ago

Very true, especially with the costs of development and how little returns a lot of these games are receiving

jmetalhead7781226d ago

I always appreciate your in depth analysis

XiNatsuDragnel25d ago

I love your sarcastic remark or the answer to my rhetorical question but seriously I am wondering who they'll acquire a sega studio, remedy or somebody who didn't expect at all.

georeo25d ago

Maybe he's a man of few words? Nothing wrong with that.

KwietStorm25d ago

He's not a man of few words. He's a man of the same few words for 90% of articles. At this point they're just stat padding their post count for whatever reason. Why even bother?

SierraGuy25d ago

Kwiet....I have a hug if you want it.

Come give me a hug. It's ok.

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Bigman4k25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Yeah this all thanks to Xbox game pass gotta have new games for it just like Netflix needs to have new movies & tv shows added each month