Former Sony CEO and PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai retires

Former Sony CEO and PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has retired. He will remain a senior adviser for the company following 35 years of service.

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Eonjay27d ago

Also hands down the best fake twitter account of all time.

jeremyj291327d ago

But for real tho😂😂😂

bouzebbal27d ago

He was an amazing exec..
His English was perfect, he excels at communicating.

hiredhelp27d ago

He actually was... I no longer own playstation since start ps4 as retired back to PC but dam there was something about kaz I loved...

specialguest27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The same with me. I owned the PS3 and retired back to PC during the start of the PS4.

Too me it felt like the end of an era for console gaming as a whole after the PS3 generation.

BLizardXD27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

In short it depends on how kaz made gaming more attractive to you. speaking purely from my perspective -

I considered Ken kutaragi as part of my A-team, next to Hayao Nakayama, Shigeru Miyamoto, followed by peter moore in the US. I particularly viewed Kaz Hirai as part of the catalyst for pushing games to be closer to movies in oder to be considered AAA.

a good thing you ask? yes and no, leading all the way to the future. instead of games being designed to be entertaining games are being pushed to meet hardware expectations. it sounded great at first but now it's buckling the industry unfortunately. which is why sony was a no show this E3. with more games needing to meet hardware expectations fewer games will be produced in a much longer development cycle.

it all depends though on how their gaming devision made games more attractive to you. we have moved in the direction of graphics mattering to not mattering back to mattering. and all of this is at the cost of games needing to be longer in development.

my two cents.

OB1Biker27d ago

I don't know why you have so many disagrees. From many perspectives serious or funny or even with memes and parody, hes become a legend I would say.

zodiac90927d ago

This is N4G mate, the community is a Sh*t show above all else...I got my account suspended for a month for saying Days Gone did not look too good in terms of graphics. This site is a joke, especially in terms of rules.

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tekiz27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Wow, is Kaz's retirement is really worth botting votes?

Dangerously high levels of salt from this one.

Babadook727d ago

Botting votes? Lol. You’re probably right. Either that or 50 voters and counting really hate Hirai.

RememberThe35727d ago

Right? 50 down votes for each comment but no replies. Has N4G finally reached the level of both votes? Watch out world, here we come!

rainslacker27d ago

Was thinking the same thing. Generally, no matter what I think of someone, if they made a career out of growing the industry, and bringing something to it, they've earned my respect.

81BX27d ago

It's kind of a troll site so why not add bot votes?

VenomUK27d ago

It looks like there IS botting!

The first comment has (at the time of typing) 66 upvotes and 121 downvotes. I've been visiting N4G for over a decade so this is unusual because it is a positive story where there isn't a 'bad' party or two sides, there is just one side so you would expect the comments to be overwhelmingly positive. People tend to respond most to stories that they feel positive about or negative about. The average loyal Xbox-only or Nintendo-only fan is NOT likely to come into this story as it won't inspire negativity. So the person behind these downvotes is likely very sore, about Kaz Hirai for some reason. He always comes across a good natured so I guess they are unhappy about the Kaz Hirai memes from 2013!

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SolidGear327d ago

OMG that killed me! 😂😂😂

zodiac90927d ago

It's N4G mate, nothing but salty pussy cats up in this cesspit.

VenomUK27d ago

Brilliant, it made me laugh! I remember after the PS4 reveal event all those Kaz memes came out. And the Antonio Banderas ones, fun times.

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Relientk7728d ago

Kaz is the man. Thank you for all you have done for Sony and gaming.

UnholyLight26d ago

I'll never forget watching....RiiiiiIIIIIIDDDDGE EE RACCCERRRRRR

Neonridr28d ago

he deserves to just kick back on a beach somewhere earning 20%.. Thank you for all you have done Kaz.

Bathyj27d ago

Thank you for that reference.
That's a nice suit too. John Phillips. London.

I have 2 myself.

darthv7227d ago

But unlike Hans... Kaz may actually get to earn that 20%.

Imalwaysright27d ago

I don't understand why you got so many disagrees.

Neonridr27d ago

lol.. clearly we don't have as many Die Hard fans as I thought. I am glad to see some people got it though

2pacalypsenow28d ago

Enjoy your retirement.

You've earned it.