Forza Horizon 4 in Lego is Pure Magic in Gameplay Video

COG: Forza Horizon 4 has taken their immaculate racing mechanics and gameplay and turned the genre on its head with the Lego Speed Champions DLC, letting players take their favorite bricks very, very fast.

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yarbie100033d ago

It's a Lego DLC that doesn't even let you build your own car out of legos. World is smaller than prev DLC. Magic isn't the word i'd use

King Nezz33d ago

It is "magic". I'm far from a kid, but I get a smile on my face every time I play the expansion. The adhesive you can make out from the cars decal to the sound effects, to the lego pieces flying everywhere when your hit a piece, it makes me wish I played with Legos more as a kid.

spicelicka33d ago

Didn't think they could top Hot wheels DLC, this looks awesome!

gangsta_red33d ago

I like these fun add ons to this awesome racing game...but, I really wish these guys would make a cart game. I know they're busy making an open world game but I bet they could kill it making a fun Xbox Cart Racing game.

KickSpinFilter33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Why the hell didn't MS show this instead at E3? During the conference was like mehh... ok. But know after watching this looks pretty cool!

GHOSTxx42033d ago

This dlc isn’t bad took me about 12 hrs to 100% still wonder when the barn find will be unlocked.