Why Harry Potter: Wizards Unite doesn't place you in House teams

From Eurogamer: "On yet another swelteringly hot LA afternoon, I found myself wandering around a grey town with snowy rooftops and a pint of dubiously fizzy beer in hand. Why? It was the launch event for Niantic's Pokémon Go follow-up, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which following a beta in Australia and New Zealand, has finally been given a US and UK release date. That's happening pretty soon, in fact - this Friday, 21st June."

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traumadisaster32d ago

I’ve started looking at this game as I just got into hp movies/games recently. From the few videos I’ve seen it doesn’t seem too fun, I could be wrong and I didn’t play Pokemon go.

I think I’ll try it if it gets my kids and I out hiking and walking to play the game.

RizBiz32d ago

"So Harry Potter to me is really about bringing diversity, diverse people with diverse skillsets together, Harry's friends were - obviously Hermione and Ron had very different skill sets, but people like Neville and Luna as well, we didn't want to exclude them to another team, we wanted to bring them together."

Only one of those people is not in Gryffindor. What an awful example of why they're leaving out one of the most interesting parts of the franchise.