Gameplay Monthly: Far Cry 2 Review

GPM: "The original Far Cry made a pretty big splash in the fps gaming world when it was released in 2004 or whatever. Big lush jungle maps, huge draw distances, and (sort of) cool vehicles. Clearly any sequel would be hugely anticipated. I liked the original, though it had some annoying aspects like too many cramped interior levels and some annoying enemies. So I was anticipating the sequel, and when I read some reviews that said you could do all kinds of things in attacking the enemy like setting fire to their camp or dropping a mortar on them, that sounded pretty good to me so I picked it up."

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xbotpleasefixme4047d ago

The game isn't the best shooter out there but a b-? Has everyone been laid off their real jobs and have now started reviewing games to pay the bills? Seriously how can you review PC games and bad mouth things like the water graphics but only have a 8600GT? That was a bad card when it was released like 2 years ago sir you would know that if you were a pc gamer. Also he kind of bad mouth GTA... Then he says the game physics are bad because a rocket doesn't blow up a shed... that would mean 98% of FPS games should get bad ratings. Then he only plays through the game once but the game has like 5 endings. He didn't even know the game had nothing to do with far cry 1?! how? Everyone that's a gamer knew that long before the game even came out. Almost every preview for the last year has stated that... He didn't play multi it seems nor did he even use the map editor which seems odd. He complains about the buddies system and says it's like being in kindergarten. ok sorry I wont go on complaining lol I just think it's time for gamers to review games and this person isn't a gamer. If you don't like the game fine but too many casual gamers are now reviewing games and it shows really bad. If you only like AAA games you're not a gamer and shouldn't review games you should just play them like the rest of us.