NPD: Days Gone Is Now The 8th Best Selling Game In 2019 Behind Red Dead Redemption 2

Days Gone has become the 8th best selling game in 2019 ahead of multiplatform games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice proving it is a major success for Sony.

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_SilverHawk_825d ago

It's the best game released this year so far.

zoramax825d ago


Better than KH3, Sekiro and Resident Evil 2. Come on now.

AK91825d ago

Certainly better than KH3 but not the latter two obviously

Inzo825d ago

Well that depends. Have you played Days Gone, KH3, Sekiro and RE2? Come on now.

Kornholic825d ago

KH3 was not a good game. It was a shallow experience and the Disney worlds were totally disjointed from the main story.

supes_24825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Well yes it is better than the games you listed since I had no interest in the games you mention. Days Gone was epic and left the most memorable moments for me this gen. Awesome new IP, not a sequel or anything and it was one heck of an experience. Loved it from the moment I started playing

Snakeeater25825d ago

sekiro is a piece of shit and RE2 is a remake and kh3 is a kiddy game

S2Killinit824d ago

Yes. I think it was better than the ones you mentioned. Havent played RE but thats a remake.


Nah..not better that Sekiro or Resident Evil 2 but it's a gr8 game.

slayernz824d ago

Platinumed Sekiro and days gone. Enjoyed days gone way way more.

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LucasRuinedChildhood825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Nah. DMC5, Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus and Sekiro are all better games than Days Gone.

It seems that Days Gone was a much bigger hit in the UK than in the US which is interesting. It has completely dominated the sale charts in the UK.

Dark_Knightmare2825d ago

Lol yet it has stayed at number 2 in the US for two months now but yeah you’re right smh

LucasRuinedChildhood825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

It's just a fact that it has been a bigger hit in the UK than in the US. It was the biggest launch of the year there and was not outsold by Mortal Kombat 11 like it was in the US. So yeah, I'm definitely right. smh. Don't shoot the messenger.

Edito825d ago

DMC Sucked big time for me couldn't even finish, maybe because I played after Sekiro...

Hungryalpaca824d ago

My god the fanboyism on this site. Those games are all objectively better, score, general reception, critically. But can’t have anything better than PS4 exclusives. Even the painfully average ones.

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shuvam09825d ago

I'll have what you're smoking...

ravens52825d ago

The best game in its genre I agree. I liked Sekiro just as much. Havent played KH3 , RE2(again) or Metro but im sure those are all great games, maybe the best in their genre idk yet.

Movefasta1993825d ago

Only in n4gis this blasphemy acceptable, if sekiro or dmc5 were playstation exclusives and day's gone were an xbox game you'd be singing a different tune

xX-oldboy-Xx824d ago

Haha @ xbox getting a new ip worth anyone's money - you're funny man. Remember PS4 got Days Gone, GOW and Spider-Man, xbox - SOT, CD3 and SoD2 I wonder why PS4 is more popular on a website about gaming.

goldwyncq824d ago

That's why you don't take the general opinion here seriously. These are the same people who believe The Order 1886 is a masterpiece.

Anything Sony is worshipped over here, regardless of quality.

Movefasta1993824d ago

xbox this gen is trash lol I agree with you, it's the worst console , but day's gone average at best. You can like sony and still think day's gone is a bore fest

rainslacker824d ago

You're right if ms released a quality game like days gone, we may be singing a different tune about their lack of quality AAA games.

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xenz825d ago

Nah, Resident Evil 2 beats it by miles

xX-oldboy-Xx824d ago

I enjoyed Resi 2 just as much as I enjoyed Days Gone, but DG is a new ip. Look at Real to 2? Or Uncharted to 2. Days Gone deserved a chance the gaming media did my give it. I'm glad it has sold well and has been received positively by PS4 owners.

goldwyncq824d ago

Best joke of the year so far.

zacfoldor824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

RE2 and DMC5 were both better, but that's just my opinion. I tried to like Sekiro and still bought/supported it, but missed the rpg elements from previous From titles, and also didn't like that I was stuck with the same weapon, or that parry patterns weren't always(for me) predictable and relied heavily on the "human reaction time" element as opposed to unique mechanics or strategic elements. I think I could have gotten past that, but I also didn't like the setting(or repetitious environments) so that did it for me. Hoping Elden Ring goes back to medieval times. I would put Days Gone just slightly above Sekiro but below RE2/DMC5 for my tastes.

mandingo824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

Ha! Good one. We should rename this site

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Araragifeels 825d ago

Hoping Sony Bend make a sequel for Days Gone since it very successful game. Now I wondering what the other ip that they are working for PS5.

SamPao825d ago

Looks like Bend will have a free card for their next game, seeing how well days gone is doing

nucky64825d ago

after that obrien cutscene, there HAS to be a sequel - they shouldn't leave us hanging like that.

ITPython824d ago

Don't forget, there is free DLC coming within the next few months I believe.

But still, a sequel would be awesome.

nucky64824d ago

true, python, there is dlc - but no dlc could cover the warning obrien gives deacon.

Hardiman825d ago

Just completed the main story yesterday and man what a game! I'm still playing and having so much fun. Cannot wait to see what Bend does with the eventual sequel on PS5!

Hardiman825d ago

The cream rises to the top!

Abnor_Mal825d ago

I'm at the point when they return to Iron Mike because of the colonel. Just taking on hordes right now trying to get Copeland's camp to tryst level 3 like Iron Mike and Tuck.

Loving this game and the story has a few good twist and surprises in store especially this later half of the game.

There should definitely be a sequel to this game as it's been selling rather well and staying at or near the too of the charts since release.

TGGJustin825d ago

Idk guys I'm sensing that Sony is going to close down Bend Studio anytime now.

The people who said this prior to launch were so stupid. This game was always going to be a sales success. Death Stranding will be the next one.

SamPao825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

:D indeed... but you have to put quotation marks in the first sentence, I was confused for a second.

Dark_Knightmare2825d ago

Lol same here I was about to message and ask what he was smoking

Veneno824d ago

No you don't . It was easy to decect the sarcasm. If you could not then you have no sense.

Samus707824d ago

Game urinalists who hate their audience and tried to tank this game can SUCK IT. #ImSoProudOfThisCommunity