I fell in love with what Sega showed of the Genesis Mini at E3 | Entertainium

"Sega takes another crack at releasing the definitive mini version of their most beloved console ever." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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edureboucas31d ago

Sonic 3 is tied behind some legal issues, so I think that's why it wasn't included!

DillyDilly30d ago

Im sure it'll be hacked like the other minis & add it yourself

SolidGear330d ago

Mickey's World of Illusion! That brings back memories!

awdevoftw30d ago

I have about 95 percent of the original carts from this collection. Why am I excited? Because I love the genesis.

Killustrious30d ago

I have very fond memories of Shinobi III. Wish the X-Men game was a part of this though.

edureboucas30d ago

Yeah, that would've been nice, but I can imagine the licensing hell it would be!

Sgt_Slaughter30d ago

I don't understand why the US is getting only a 3-Button Controller instead of the 6-Button, when there's fighting games on the system as well as Japan receiving a USB 6-Button at the same time.

Really hoping this one is the definitive Genesis/Mega Drive plug 'n play system with no glitches or sub-par emulation.