Trials of Mana Is an Ambitious Return to One of Square Enix's Long Dormant Series

Undoubtedly, the Trials of Mana remake is and was overshadowed by Final Fantasy VII Remake. While the fanbase is smaller, it’s really interesting to see Square Enix taking this new initiative in the west. They are bringing series that are considered monumental staples in the RPG genre over to western fans who, in many cases, haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with them for years. First, it was with the western release various Dragon Quest titles, and now it appears to be the Mana series.

Trials of Mana is an outlier when compared to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest as it’s the only one that relied on action RPG mechanics whereas the other games were turn-based. Masaru Oyamada, a producer on the game told DualShockers that “Secret of Mana was very popular, the original version, even before the remake. We knew that many fans wanted a new title and for Seiken Densetsu 3, as it was called originally, to come west. We wanted to challenge ourselves with providing the original version of Trials of Mana and the new version as well. We embarked on a new direction compared to Secret of Mana.”

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ZeekQuattro28d ago

Unlike the remake they did of the original SNES game this had game some tlc put into it.

pietro121227d ago

I'm glad to see Square showing the Mana series some love. I hope we the same for the Saga series. It would be amazing to see a Saga title built from the ground up on current or next gen consoles.

PhoenixUp27d ago

Haven’t seen a Mana game with this high a production since 2007’s Dawn of Mana