Sony Was the Third Most Popular Publisher at E3 2019, Despite Never Being There

Sony skipped E3 2019 completely, and yet it still managed to be the third most talked about publisher at the show.

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AspiringProGenji32d ago

They didn’t go to E3 yet some of the biggest game were announced for their console. Also funny how they are getting less concerning articles now than when they actually had their best E3 (2016). Maybe they should scrap E3 altogether. It is not even the same anymore and the fact that a hollywood actor was the biggest spotlight there proves it

Nitrowolf232d ago

It's only a matter of time now, people only just got back from E3.

-Foxtrot32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Game companies should only have a big conference like they would do at E3 when they NEED to do it, I mean there has to be a point during a meeting where they are like "we have games x, y and z to show off with gameplay, all ready to go and we know we can release them within a year or a year and a half excluding any delays we might face, I think we should do our big yearly conference next month"

Potnoodle99932d ago

Yh.... I kind of agree. I like the spectacle of e3, but let’s face it, it never ever lives up to the hype. Too many companies with too many conflicting schedules. Cannot expect everyone’s most exciting announcements to be saved for e3

shaggy230331d ago (Edited 31d ago )


You think it only takes a month to organise something like E3?

-Foxtrot31d ago


Take out the bigger venue, the public, the show floor and just have the conference with the press in a smaller location...I don't think it would be that hard.

sprinterboy32d ago

I loved the cyberpunk reveal but agree, the highlight of E3 shouldn't have been a person.
In fact I think lessons would have been learned from that.

rainslacker32d ago

People make a fuss when they aren't there, then realize what Sony brings when they are. Puts the criticism in perspective.

I doubt it will mean that the media focuses on what matters in the future, because they didn't as much this year except to lament how bad e3 was, or something along those lines, but it does exemplify a problem that does exist in gaming media and even the community.

sprinterboy32d ago

Loved the easy allies E3 stuff other than that, it was aload of BS, Dr disrespect like wtf, keunu Reeves news etc, it's supposed to be about he games.
I can't remember half the games announced cause they didn't interest me.

rainslacker31d ago

12 minutes looked cool There were a couple indies in that sizzle reel I keep meaning to go back and find out what they were to find out more, but they went by to fast to register while watching.

Rest I didn't have a problem with overall, but much of it didn't interest me...more due to my personal taste in games than my belief they may be bad games or not worth my time.

Thundercat7732d ago

I agree except for the "a Hollywood actor" part.

Keanu is not just "a Hollywood actor", he is a well loved person because of how humble and generous he is. I assure you that any other actor would not have made the same impact that Keanu did.

gamer780432d ago

he's also in the game, so he's not just promoting it like FFXIV just did with tom holland.

WelkinCole32d ago

To be fair Keanu is a cool guy. He is actually pretty down to earth and does not push any agenda although I am sure he is pretty liberal. He is respectful of people as well

The_Sage31d ago

What would make you think he was a liberal? In his most popular movies he is a gun wielding bad ass. The Matrix was filled with biblical references to boot. One example is the license plate on Smith's car says IS 5416.

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Jin_Sakai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

“The biggest moment of the event on Twitter was Nintendo’s press conference Tuesday morning, which unveiled gameplay from Luigi's Mansion 3, the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and teased a Breath of the Wild sequel.”

Well deserved.

“Nintendo earned the most tweets of any game publisher this year, followed by Xbox, Sony (impressive, considering the Japanese company was absent from this year's convention), Square Enix and Bethesda.”

Sony didn’t even show up and was still the 3rd most talked about. Impressive.

Apocalypse Shadow32d ago

Lol. That's the force of brand recognition. All those developers, Sony doesn't show up and is still one of the most talked about.

Brand power.

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