The Gears of War Movie Will Not Take Place In the Same Setting As the Game

The Gears of War movie is set to take place in an alternate universe that is separate from the games. The reasoning behind this was to create a fresh experience that isn't chained to the source material.

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slate9129d ago

"isn't chained to the source material" - famous last words.

BLizardXD29d ago

if it actually turns out to be good then it turns out to be good. if not then we at least know it's not cannon and won't effect the games.

spicelicka28d ago

I'm actually glad because 90% chance it will be terrible like most video game movies. At least it won't ruin the original story. Who am I kidding, this SO stupid! They will make generic good guys, generic evil bad guys, with a generic story that will just piss off the fans. I'm not looking forward to it.

quent27d ago

and yet you've pre-ordered Advent children:the videogame

-Foxtrot28d ago

LOL. So true

They do this shit EVERY...SINGLE...TIME

Straying from the source material never works, the best video game adaptation we've had has been Silent Hill because they stuck more close to the source material the anyone else but even then it wasn't by much, they still changed a lot of stuff. That's how bad other video game films are in comparison.

rainslacker28d ago

Mortal Kombat was also awesome.

badz14928d ago

next they are gonna announce Uwe Boll as the director LOL

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Iamnothuman1229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Then what's the point. Just make a movie a call it something else.

killswitch8029d ago

Probably be the awful plot use of traveling to an alternative world and into our modern world.

NecrumOddBoy29d ago

Yup. CGi hordes in NYC featuring The Rock... incoming flop

Concertoine29d ago

Not just NYC, but hollywood NYC where every where is just times square with big Coke ads.

ButtAnihilator28d ago

And it's probably gonna have nicholas cage or michael cera as marcus fenix.

spicelicka27d ago

Yep one the more interesting things about the Gears universe is that they don't live on Earth, there's no Earth really, and this planet has its own extremely harsh characteristics. I'm pretty sure that's too much for the hollywood honchos to handle and they will dumb it down to feed the mainstream audience, and they'll just make it Earth being invaded by creatures from underground.

arnsekar29d ago

Good luck to them then. It's very rare that a film can deviate greatly from the source material and still find success.

2pacalypsenow29d ago

So they're trying to make a profit on just the name...

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The story is too old to be commented.