Agony Spin-Off ‘Succubus’ Trailer Shows What Happens When a Demon Gets a Hold of a Cell Phone

Madmind Studio has released a new trailer for this Agony spin-off title, Succubus, with a release date still pending the game is in development for PC. Trailer is behind an age gate.

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Silly gameAr29d ago

That game did well enough to get a spin off? Well, second times the charm I hope. Good luck to them.

Reibooi29d ago

I read a interview with the studio head not long ago and he seemed to understand that they screwed up and need to prove themselves with this. It's cool that they have owned up to what went wrong with Agony and that they seem to have a plan to make a much better game this time around but if they are capable of such remains to be seen. I hope they pull it off I like a good redemption story.

Silly gameAr29d ago

I honestly hope they do too. I wasn't being sarcastic when I wished them luck.

KaaF29d ago

They are really fast at pumping out garbage, might as well milk it while it sells.