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Billy from GamerKnights did a full review of the new "RAGE 2".


"I’ve been around the block for a long time, gaming wise. I was about when Wolfenstein first appeared, and when Doom literally blew the socks off of everyone who saw it with a revolutionary new genre making its first steps into the world. Since then there have been SO MANY first person shooters populating the landscape of gaming that we become lost in the fact that the originators of that said genre are still very much alive and kicking today. Now, I LOVED the Doom revamp to the point that I bought it twice because I missed it. I also went through the two new Wolfenstein games that came from the Bethesda stables. I even played and enjoyed the first Rage, which at the time was a revolutionary idea, having a tight shooter based in an open world. It did well, but had some flaws. What is it they say about the more things change…?"

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Kornholic28d ago

It's not a masterpiece by any means but the gameplay mechanics and the gameplay loop are absolutely great.

AK9127d ago

The game is rad an 8/10 for me the only issue is the outdated open world game design if Rage was a linear game I think it would be far better.