Xbox Brand is More Valuable than Sony and Nintendo

WPP’s research arm Kantar releases its latest BrandZ ranking, the annual global ranking of the world's top 100 brands, with Xbox ranking ahead of Sony and Nintendo.

On this year’s list, Xbox was ranked as the 87th most-valuable brand in the world. It’s the only strictly-gaming brand on the list, though Microsoft itself has been named the fourth most-valuable brand. The top 10 also includes Amazon (which took the top spot), Apple, Google, and Tencent, all of which are at least somewhat involved in the gaming industry.

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italiangamer1446d ago

Yeah sure, very believable statistics.

AngelicIceDiamond1446d ago

Just because you don't like it doesn't make it false or fake. You all need to grow up around here seriously.

SamPao1445d ago

Just because its written somewhere doesnt make it true. it really makes no sense at all :D

Jin_Sakai1445d ago

”Just because you don't like it doesn't make it false or fake. You all need to grow up around here seriously.“

Speak for yourself.

trooper_1445d ago

So Diamond, in what shape or form is this true?

Microsoft hasn't...

a) given gamers reasons to buy their console
b) care more about services than new exclusives.
c) had to take a different approach because their first idiotic plan didn't work.

DaDrunkenJester1445d ago


Actually B is probably why they are up here. Services make money, they make consistent money.

Edito1445d ago

Playstation dominates Xbox even in the US

Brave_Losers_Unite1445d ago

Did the hypocrite just type something?

1445d ago
DuckOnQuack351445d ago

Lmao my exact thought. You guys realize you let a brand get you all worked up. It's hilarious

BlackTar1871445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

i don't think anyone is worked up, it's a false equivalency and an amateur conversation tactic you're using @Duck @ diamond.

If you are opposed to a conversation about the topic or differing takes, perspectives etc. then leave the forum.

Just so we are clear on the definition of an Internet forum
Internet forum:An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Forums prefer a premise of open and free discussion and often adopt de facto standards. Most common topics on forums include questions, comparisons, polls of opinion, as well as debates.

Now to the article. This is a bit look at this hand while the other does something else. MS is super powerful and there is no doubt that this is weighted to the fact of the overall power of MS and not to do with its gaming division. Sure it doesn't state that to which I saw(Maybe I missed it) but let's be real here the MS name is the Big D**k behind this type of article. That said Xbox services are infants right now and I have no doubt they will move into a more consistent robust PARTNERSHIP in the next 3-5years.

zodiac9091445d ago

LOL "Grow up?" On N4g???? You must be new around here

rainslacker1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Yearly reports from both companies though suggest that Sony has more brand potential, and sales and overall feelings of consensus suggest that ps, and likely Nintendo are more recognizable and valuable brands.

Single games like minecraft can dwarf sonys, but sonys services on ps are making more money, so I question how the conclusion was derived and minecraft is really the only plausible factor which gives ms the edge.

But you know what...its valuations like these that's the reason that MS is using MAUs as a measure of success. Even if they dont make money on those users, these valuations raise the price of their stocks, which means more money, and happy investors.

drunkenspy0071445d ago

You need to grow up, are you f#@kn serious? Please continue to argue about video game opinions, let's test that maturity.

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alb18991445d ago

So, we should believe just in common sense? If it was like that then Trump shouldn't be president an technology will be science fiction.
If you haven't do this: Every year, the top 100 brands are ranked by calculating “the value that brand contributes to businesses,” according to Financial Times. The BrandZ rankings accomplish this by “combining financial and market data” with around 4 million consumer surveys of people living in 51 countries worldwide......then your opinion is base just in perception and perception is usually wrong vs research.

supes_241445d ago

Lol, someone doesn’t understand the voting process deeerrrrrrp

DuckOnQuack351445d ago

All facts here yet people will still disagree lol

DogJosha1445d ago

@alb1899 How is the value calculated? What financial and market data is being collected and used? How is this being combined with consumer surveys? WHY is this being combined with something as unreliable as consumer surveys? This kind of research can be easily skewed to support whatever outcome a company is looking for. You should never just accept any form of research at face value.

rainslacker1445d ago

If you include minecraft, then yeah I can see this being the case. This is more about overall value though, but the actual market value of the brand itself is certainly in favor of ps based on pure numbers that are made publicly available. I dont know where Nintendo falls in that spectrum, so won't comment, so dont anyone think I'm trying to snub them

NarutoFox1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Sony made 21 Billion in 2018


gam3r_4_lif31444d ago

Sorry the financials they actually reported which they have to do by law said revenue was 14 billion

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AngelicIceDiamond1446d ago

Well that just means MS has allot to prove with such lofty standard.

trooper_1445d ago

And how long should we wait before they prove themselves?

The Wood1445d ago

. . . .A whole gen but that's alright apparently. Celebrate this over quality output

1445d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1445d ago

Lol calm down. Most likely next gen. Everything is being set for next gen with MS.

Obscure_Observer1445d ago


"And how long should we wait before they prove themselves?"

Why wait? Why don´t you just give up and move on with your life? Your money, your choice.

StormSnooper1445d ago

You just wait until next year’s E3.its going to be microsoft’s Year next year. Haven’t you heard?

rainslacker1445d ago

Just one more year. The problem with waiting until tomorrow, is that tomorrow is always a day away

NarutoFox1445d ago


Sony did make 21 Billion LMAO


trooper_1444d ago

@Observer: Nice deflection. Can't even answer that question, huh?

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Angyobangyo1445d ago

You mean like the cloud. They had a whole generation to showcase it but all we got was crackdown 3.

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Gamenut20501446d ago

Sounds like MSFT paid some money to get on the list. Pay to play

Shiken1445d ago

I play 70 percent of the time on Switch and 29 percent on Switch. My X1 is basically a Banjo Kazooie machine that plays netflix and the occasional exclusive on game pass when it is available for 1 dollar.

So for me, XBox brand is bottom of the barrel.

Gamenut20501445d ago

Lmao! Banjo Kazooie machine

1445d ago
Shiken1445d ago


Gonna act like my typo correction comment literally right below this one does not exist huh?

Fail XD

Shiken1445d ago

I meant to say 29% PS4 Pro instead of saying Switch twice but it won't let me edit comment lol.