Bigger, Badder and Better: Resistance 2 Reviewed by Tech-Gaming

Developer Insomniac is a beautiful anomaly. Over the past eleven years, they have released twelve games without a single dud in the bunch. Their titles are admirably designed, offering compelling play built around game engines that typically take full advantage of their hardware. From the early Spyro games, to the Ratchet and Clank series, and now with the Resistance franchise, Insomniac creates action games that seize a player's attention throughout their duration, and invite replay.

When Resistance: Fall of Man was released alongside the Playstation 3, it became the system's flagship title. Whereas many of the launch games were wither rushed ports or half-hearted efforts like Genji: Days of the Blade, Resistance showed off the capabilities of the PS3. As such, it has been one of the most popular titles for the system, selling in excess of three million copies. Now, nearly two years later, its follow-up has been released.

Resistance 2 is the prototypical sequel; the game retains the atmosphere and visceral impact of the first title, while improving upon nearly every play mechanic.

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LightningPS3PS34052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

But without co op on the story campaign. WTF!!

silverchode4052d ago

but with a 8 player online co op. sp co op would of been nice tho.

Ichiryoka4052d ago

You are a very sad person if you need someone to hold your hand throughout the single player campaign. SAD SAD FELLOW...

TUFFnNYC4052d ago

Wow, i never thought i will see the day when someone just posts to grab attention to themselves. Stop bytchin bout it and go play some gears 2.5

Ri0tSquad4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

They said it only a million times that the co-op campaign is different then the single player campaign.

Socom4051d ago

No other shooter, whether first or third, will come close to matching this one.

The amount of value in this baby, is truly BIGGER, BADDER and more BADASS!

Rhythmattic4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

You posted the same comments in other GZ reviews.

So it is my duty to do the same..

I dont own it yet, End of November release date for Oz..

But isnt the 8 Player Co-Op a Parallel story to the single player campaign ?

Surely thats more value ?

Personally, why would I want to play the same game Co-Op as SP ?

PirateThom4051d ago

Here's the thing.

When it comes to a co-op for the single player campaign, it basically makes the experience gimped because it's that much easier.

Resistance 2 has separate mission based campaigns for multiple players, on maps built around that and waves of enemies built around that.

It works better than any other co-op out there, because it's designed for co-operative play.

Itrguy0014051d ago

wow u really need someone helping u through SP? u get help from other Sentinels too ya know and then u have other SRPA members helping u out at times. if u need help why dont u just go play online co op?

ultimolu4051d ago

Do me a favor and sell your PS3.

Because me and everyone else are enjoying this game and aren't wasting our time attacking every single minor thing.

You bought the game, you saw the previews, it's your fault you bought it.

Pennywise4051d ago

I will humor you, YES - I do wish they added split screen coop to campaign mode... But we all knew they werent. $60+ and you dont do your research before purchase... shame on you!

It does not take away from this game one bit. Spent 8+ hours in coop last night and loved every minute of it.

Kaneda4051d ago

You meant Gears 1.5 not 2.5, right? :)

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Gue14052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Another solid review. Resistance 2 just needed more Hype to be at the level of GeoW2... edit: Now we need to start Hyping Killzone 2 so for when it comes even if it turns to be a piece a crap it still get high scores like Halo3. But for this we need the help of Sony to advertise the game as the second coming of Jesus.

NaiNaiNai4052d ago

>.> just another halo clone trying to ride the wave. what a piece of crap. >.> my god, look at those graphics, they look like shiney plastic models. T_T i can do better in alice programer. LMFAO

Tmac4051d ago

Uh oh, watch out here comes nai the laughing retard, lol.

Melee Crazy4052d ago

I got this game Day 1 and have played through 2 hours of campaign mode. So far very fun! Played a few hours of Multiplayer games and its lag FREE!! This game is worth the $60.
It has a Halo type feel to it in terms of graphics, control, and multiplayer. Graphics are nice but not photo realistic. The controls are tight. And the multiplayer is alot of fun. I don't understand why ppl can compare this game to Gears of War. They are 2 different games. I think this game has a website for community similar to Halo.

Overall I would rank this game on the FPS quality list with Halo 3, COD4, and Gears of War (3rd person)

thereapersson4052d ago

Honest, unbiased, and objective. Bubbles!

Final_Rpg4051d ago

His review was basic though. Not meaning to criticize but it's the truth. I agree with it wholeheartedly though. Even though the graphics aren't the best available. Look at the screen, all those things happening. You have to make sacrifices in this world.

thor4051d ago


I think the sacrifice that was made was more that they were trying to take on too much - their engine could probably handle better graphics but they simply didn't have enough time to design better particle effects and ensure the quality was consistent throughout (in terms of texture res and such). I'm very impressed they managed to pull this off in just a year though.

Rhythmattic4051d ago

Well Said Thor... Maybe this is the PS3's Halo...

Good Damn Game. Once SP is outa the way, the MP will Live on...

As for insomiac , Wow, Amazing development team... My hats off to them...

I'm new to the console world, and after RFOM, R&C:TOD , I am awed at their achievements...

Im really am excited in anticipation with this title.

Game on... ALL GAMERS.

Ju4051d ago

I think so, too. I believe they have been under pressure to get this game out. They had to get it out now, and the main reason I suspect is KZ2. You cannot have both game out at the same time. Both are high profile games for Sony. Guess Insomniac said they can deliver before Christmas and got that slot, and KZ2 is probably not allowed to be a miss, at no costs.

R2 looks amazing, still, and what they pulled off in that short amount of time is incredible. Some parts with the proper tuning would have turned out even better. But its all there, and hardly any bugs (I came across a strange lightning polygon error once, when using the flashlight).

I just snooped into the coop. That (play) experience just took 2-3 minutes, but I sat there at the couch 5 minutes later thinking "WTF just happened". ... was late @ night, gonna finish the campaign first (and try to stretch that a bit) before I'll take the time to go back to the MP again, though.

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robotnik4051d ago

Looking good, this game delivers.

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