The Division 2 Update 1.09 Patch (Title Update #4) Now Live, Fie Size and Info Right Here

The Division 2 title update #4 is now live, and brings the Gunner Specialization. File sizes and details within.

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darren_poolies32d ago

I wish they would fix the horrendous texture pop in issues on PS4 Pro.

Nitrowolf232d ago

Yeah it can get bad, especially when NPC don’t load in all the way

Immorals32d ago

Does a faster drive improve this?

KillBill32d ago

Played the weekend long free period of Division 2. Found the game to be a lot more run and gun that the first game. Mainly I think because of the number of enemy that charge at you melee style more so in 2 than 1 maybe? I found that part 2 dropped a lot more weapons than 1 but it felt like I simply could not use any weapon other than M249 and even then it quickly became at times like the enemy were bullet sponges that just wouldn't die.

Have gone back to part 1 and for sure it is easier to locate loot items with it versus 2. My sniper is actually useful in part 1 while in part 2 I couldn't use it efficiently during the period I had with the game. Part 2 seemed like a more interesting story than part 1 for me.

I will keep part 2 loaded on my HD for awhile in hopes it comes to GamePass but until then i have gone back to part 1 to finish up that game seeing I never did previously.