Tales of series' Western Popularity has Affected Development

GameReactor: “Tales of Arise was revealed during Xbox's press conference this month at E3, and since Yusuke Tomizawa is the producer of the Tales Of series, we asked him about what's new with this entry in the series when we talked to him in LA last week.”

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PhoenixUp27d ago

I’ve been hooked on this series ever since Tales of Xillia

Sirk7x26d ago

Dunno if you've played Vesperia or Symphonia, but those are both fantastic RPGs in the Tales series as well.

PhoenixUp26d ago

I’ve played every Tales game released on an HD PlayStation console

Kane2227d ago

i dont know how i feel about that. cause ni no kuni 2 kinda suffered cause of that.

PhoenixUp26d ago

Calm down Monster Hunter: World was made with more western sensibilities during development and is all the better for it. Just because a Japanese dev tries to appeal to the West doesn’t meant the game is always doomed

Kane2226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

monster hunter didn't change its gameplay either. ni no kuni 2 literally changed everything from part 1 to please people who hated the "child like story" and hated the turned based combat. which was one of the best things about ni no kuni. but part 2 changed it into another generic average game, and the story a little "darker" which didn't turn out right...

pietro121226d ago

Monster Hunter World didn't change its core gameplay mechanics though. It was improved better quality of life features and smoother controls

PhoenixUp25d ago

@ Kane

Tales of Arise isn’t changing its gameplay either. It’s an evolution of the series the same way MH: W was, so your concern is still unwarranted

@ pietro

The same holds true for Tales of Arise so what’s your point?

XiNatsuDragnel27d ago

I rathered see more Japanese leaning development then a western one but hey my opinion

Aclancy8327d ago

We love your games and one of the reasons is because it's not influenced by western culture. Don't make that mistake and keep it deeply Japanese.

Segata27d ago

TOV is the only Tales game I liked but this does look really fun. Getting it on PS4.

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