Switch update out now (version 8.1.0)

The latest system update has just gone live for Switch. Starting today, Nintendo is offering version 8.1.0.

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Miss_Vixen32d ago

“General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

Chocoburger32d ago

"Enhance the user's experience" translates to: "We'll stop modders from having full access to the console for 2-5 days at best, only for the process to repeat with yet another 'enhance users experience' update soon enough."

The updates themselves don't bother me, its the fact that they flat out lie (what is being 'enhanced'?) and use terms like 'stability' instead of 'security' as if it makes a difference. Just be honest about your updates.

Zeref32d ago

Jesus christ. How much more stable does this thing need to get? Give us some actual new features already

I-Hate-usernames32d ago

It's probably to prevent modding. Just recently EmuMMC released which basically make you use two firmware for atmosphere(one OFW and one CFW), so maybe this update is for that? idk.

Ivar_Ragnarsson32d ago

No themes, messaging, file system.. just trash

Question_Mark32d ago

The update is just to prevent modding. They changed the TSEC keys, but since the Switch’s exploit is hardware based, this update will only be effective for a limited amount of time, but only for the first generation of Switches.