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The pitch for Watch Dogs: Legion sounds too good to be true. Can you really recruit anybody? Has Ubisoft pulled their ambitious vision off?

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KaiPow32d ago

I worry that there won't be enough deviation between recruitable characters

Jackhass32d ago

I think it will be pretty good, although there only being three classes is slightly worrisome.

Chris_Wray32d ago

The change of setting could be a great thing and the inclusion of a bigger variety of characters is interesting, though I wonder how it'll work with the story.

Jackhass32d ago

They actually work all the characters into the cutscenes, which is cool -- I just question how many cutscenes/story bits there will be, considering how intensive they had to be to make.

TGG_overlord32d ago

That pig mask made me think about "Hotline Miami" :P

Jackhass31d ago

Haha, yeah, Ubisoft pretty much straight-up lifted it. Still, a cool image is a cool image!

FTANK32d ago

Each entry looks progressively dumber. I was hoping to see the original game's protagonist retrun and we get ass-backwards "woke resistance"-looking shit instead.