Sweeney: Breaking Down Crossplay Barrier with International Diplomacy Was One of Epic's Best Moments

Tim Sweeney said that getting all platform holders on the same board to allow cross-play was one of the best moments in Epic's history.

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2pacalypsenow31d ago

I would say Unreal Engine 3 was a better moment.

TacoTaco31d ago

Bringing as many players of the same game together as possible is fantastic and mutually beneficial. PS or Xbox online for console should be as relevant as who's on iPhone or Android on mobile (aka - it doesn't matter)

xX1NORM1Xx31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I don’t love to know why some people dislike crossplay, every time I mention it I just get a bunch of down votes but no one says why they dislike it... it’s 100% a good thing it gives more niche games a larger player base it lets you play with friends from anywhere (unlike a lot of people on here I didn’t pick my friends because of the plastic box they play games on).

Only time it can be considered a bad thing is when devs don’t do input matching in games genres that it matters like shooters because obviously console will beat mobile and pc will beat console due to control methods but I’m not aware of any developer stupid enough not to do input matching.

The only reason people see it as a bad thing is because Sony is destroying Xbox this generation and some fanboys think that it will somehow benefit Microsoft but let me ask you this if you could play with anyone no matter the console you have would you go with the Xbox one with a few decent games and like 3 great ones or the PS4 with a shit ton of decent games and a bunch of great ones? And that’s coming from a mostly Xbox one player I love my Xbox one x I use it every day but if I want a good single player game or a VR game I turn on my PS4 pro.

xX-oldboy-Xx31d ago

A good game will be supported, that's it. No need to group as many people together to buff player numbers if a game is average.

The 10th Rider30d ago

Player numbers are a lesser concern. The big benefit of crossplay is that it can largely eradicate the feeling of not being able to play online with a friend or family member in the same game just because the box running the game is made by a different company.

xX-oldboy-Xx30d ago

If that's such a huge concern - I'd suggest they get a PC. I'm not dead against it, just don't think its the be all end all.

DaDrunkenJester30d ago

So you're saying that small niche games dont matter, make sure these devs make bombshell games everytime or they can go pound sand and go broke because the remaining smaller fanbase is splintered?

What you and I consider a good game could be 2 seperate things.

xX-oldboy-Xx30d ago

DaDrunken - Yh pretty much, if your a small team and can't facilitate an online game - maybe that isn't the game you should be making. Even the big publishers/devs fail, but most of the time it won't bankrupt the company.

xX1NORM1Xx29d ago

what you consider good is very subjective, i might be super into racing sims so i might not like the last of us but i might love Grid 2 does that mean the last of us is bad? no hell no does it mean Grid 2 is bad? no! different devs are trying to make different things aimed at different people you may think its shit but there is a huge community of people that love the games we don't enjoy as we saw with no mans sky, fallout 76 and sea of thieves 100s of thousands of people are still playing those games because our opinion isn't the be all end all.

xX-oldboy-Xx29d ago

xX1NORM1Xx - Is BF1 a good game? No. What about Battlefront 1/2? What about BFV? PUBG (Console)? I'd say no to all of those those. I don't care how much the game cost to make. I'm not interrsted in buffing their player numvers with cross play.

Let the games die, and come back when you make a good one. Remember these games are generally littered with MT's.

Do you get what I'm saying? Does anyone?

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TacoTaco30d ago

Cross Play gives Sony free marketing. That 2-1 ratio of PS players talking to Xbox friends about all the great games only they get.

UltraNova30d ago

Does Sony need more market share? Don't think so. Its MS that needs a bigger player pool.

Varodor30d ago

Dislike confirms that players are concerned only with cross-play, starting from the launch of the playstation 2. All of us still remember these cries about cross-play with Dreamcast. All were waiting only for the possibilities of technology to implement it, and finally, at the end of 2018, such an opportunity appeared for the first in the history of mankind.

Realms30d ago

Good games don't need an incentive to have people play them just make good games and people will play and support them. Cross play adds nothing to badly designed games that suck it just means more people can play them together.

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awdevoftw31d ago

I really couldn't care less for crossplay personally. I get it, if you play games exclusively online this would be great for you, I guess. I am more into rpg, story driven gaming experiences, so online multiplayer is less of a factor for me. I have enjoyed some rocket league, battlefield, and cod over the years, but not enough to care if crossplay is ever a thing.

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