Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 : How the Hardware Team is Improving Upon the Original

SG: “In speaking to the Xbox Hardware Team responsible for the Elite Series 2, it was apparent that they’ve taken the time to improve on the shortcomings of the original and listen to feedback from the community.“

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Jin_Sakai33d ago

Maybe I’m in the minority but there’s no way I’m spending $180 on a controller. I don’t care how amazing it is.

NarutoFox33d ago

Ain't no way I'm spending almost $200 dollars for a controller

Oathbreaker33d ago

You're not in the minority. You're also not the target audience.

BizarroUltraman33d ago

Well seeing as you don't have a Xbox I wasn't expecting you to.

NarutoFox32d ago

I use the Xbox controller for my PC though

Jin_Sakai32d ago

“Well seeing as you don't have a Xbox I wasn't expecting you to.“

I wouldn’t spend $180 if it was for PS4 either. So there’s that.

Imortus_san32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Arcade sticks sell from 500€ to 100€, and the big models always sell there entire production, Xbox Elite Controller was out of stock for months, and so will this one, people with money buy good/expensive products.

Jin_Sakai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

“people with money buy good/expensive products.”

There’s tons of complaints about the build quality of the Elite controllers. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean the quality is great.

Nu32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The damn bumper buttons always break on my tile flooring. I had an elite and even one of the paddles slots insert broke. It's a beautiful controller but I need an indestructible edition. I still have so the extra parts as a sad reminder of my boy gone elite controller, RIP Baby girl 😭

rainslacker32d ago

I'd spend more than that on a racing wheel if I felt it worthwhile this gen, but driving games just kind of didn't excite me enough this gen....sadly.

For a general controller, not a chance in hell, because it's not going to make me a better gamer, or the game more fun.

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isarai33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I worked at a game store for 5years, these thing are far from great. They break just as often if not more so than the standard controller. Mainly what i find fails on XBO controllers is the sticks, they get all janky and "crunch" a lot, then the bumpers go so they don't even click anymore. Like this

Not terribly common but definitely one of the ones i come across broken most often, 2nd only to N64 controllers, only i can fix those. Hopefully second time around they are better quality

ElementX32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I've had mine since they were released and the only problem I had was a corner of the rubber grip came loose. I'm sorry you worked at a game store.

isarai32d ago

Like i said, not terribly common. But they were common enough to call for ther own testing step of pressing the stick and moving them around, at least once a day we'd see one with broken "crunchy" sticks.

Saijahn32d ago

I’ve had mine since release and just now have run into an issue where the right thumbstick click doesn’t register. I think someone may have stepped on it but that’s really it.

Did it change how I gamed? No not really, some games get better with the hair triggers.

The new controller does everything better and includes a charge dock station and battery, plus tension functionality on the sticks. It’s what the first controller should’ve been.

optimus32d ago

they had a good opportunity to announce a major discount for the current elite controller right after announcing this improved $80 would have been good.