The Outer Worlds developer: ‘We are an M-rated game’

In our E3 demo of The Outer Worlds, we found out something interesting about the game's age rating.

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gums007666d ago

What is the point of this article?

Spurg666d ago

The premise is good and will no doubt be a good game. But I can't help but see this as a small budget game.

Ausbo665d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees. In the game informer coverage a couple months ago, they said they wish they wish they could’ve done more (romances and more worlds), but time and budget hampered them.

They’ve clearly came out and said this isn’t the same size as the fallout/elder scrolls games

mafiabrett666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Didn't read article because I don't know the site, but based on the title.. im guessing they're throwing a little shade towards other devs who make M Rated games while at same time claiming "but we gotta protect the children"

Glad Obsidian doesn't give two fucks about the children, they shouldn't be playing a M Rated game in first place

TacoTaco666d ago

By not reading the article, your assumption is completely wrong. No shade. Nothing about protecting children. Nothing about not caring about children either (where the heck did that come from even?).

I'd tell you what it was, but if I read the article, so can you. And maybe you'll question the wisdom of coming to an externally-sourced aggregate website but not wanting to actually inform yourself on what those external sources have to say.