X360: Gears Of War 2 Review

There's so much to admire, so much to discuss, and so much to relive in Gears Of War 2 that X360 can't wait to get stuck back in on 7 November. Four difficulty settings, co-op, multiplayer, Horde mode, and so much blood. 2008's been an amazing year for gaming already, and this could well be the best of the bunch. An amazing piece of work, and proof that in the world of videogames sequels don't just equal the original; they blow them out of the water. Absolutely superb.

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tatotiburon3635d ago

perfect score once again, just ONE DAY!!! who's the man?? whos the man??...yes cliffy you are the man!!

InMyOpinion3635d ago

Dude Huge delivers once again lol!


"and humans continue to inhale and exhale"

etownone3635d ago

very nice!

Great to see Huge delivered another masterpiece!

Ap3theBad3635d ago

i cetainly didnt know wut to expect from this site..

Firstkn1ghT3635d ago

Another perfect score. Best shooter ever! Believe it!

thereapersson3635d ago

Better than Half Life and DooM? I don't think so

Firstkn1ghT3635d ago

Best THIRD person shooter ever!

baum3635d ago

Better than GRAW2 and Rainbow Six? I don't think so.

"bu bu bu the reviews said so!!!"

edhe3635d ago

Oh please, DooM is utter crap compared to today's shooters. Try getting a dashboard party into DooM and i'm sure they'll dump you and go play gears2.

Half life? still great, no knocking that. But it's a different experience. I felt half life 2 to be quite a departure from the original.

Panthers3635d ago

GRAW 2 and R6V were both a let down for me. GRAW is a Socom wanna be and fails miserably. The only thing good about it is graphics.

I would say that GeOW is better than both of those games.

But IMO Socom has better online play.

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