Metal Gear Solid Remake Homage Now Fully Playable In Dreams

Dreams has given us some crazy creations so far. But, this might be the best one yet. You can now play a Homage to Metal Gear Solid in Dreams.

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ziggurcat33d ago

this is the problem I have with this kind of game - people spend too much time recreating something rather than taking the time to make something original.

Snookies1233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I mean... That doesn't take away from all the people who DO make original concepts. Little Big Planet had all sorts of original ideas from content creators. The point of these kinds of games is to give people the freedom to make whatever they want. I don't see how you can have a problem with "this kind of game". Especially when these recreations are probably going to only amount to about 2-4% of overall creations in this game. Of course we are going to see homages to games/movies/shows/books/etc. In the end, it's their time to spend working on something like this. Let them spend it how they choose.

ziggurcat33d ago

never said they couldn't spend the time. this stuff just doesn't impress me at all.

Teflon0233d ago

I feel you've never played LBP. This is exactly how they get practice and a feel for the creation tools. See what they can create first before making the blueprint for something amazing. When I was playing the first. I couldn't think up good stages. How did I start thinking up cool stages? LBP2 when I decided on taking the water tool and trying to remake the ocarina of time water temple with water levels etc. It made me experiment and figure out the tools. From then, I actually made some cool stuff. I never really posted my stuff as I never finished them but that's because I always loved playing new cool stages. Will go even further here. This is the point of early access. To try things out and experiment

Prince-Ali33d ago


You inadvertently did say that though because your WHOLE point was that you cant get into these games based on your perception that too many people do this when it could be argued just as many people dont.. it's not like you have any metric to go off of.. ¬_¬

SephirothX2133d ago

Dreams is a great game for casual creators and a nice way to introduce people to level design. If you want to make a full game you can own and sell, the way to go is to learn a game engine like unity, unreal, Godot, banshee etc... Or if you're a programmer like me, try write your own. It's an amazing learning experience.

ziggurcat33d ago

@prince: never said I couldn't get into these games, I just find these recreations to be boring, and lacking in any real imagination. I generally only played the unique user creations in LBP.

@teflon: I played all 3 LBP games, thanks.

trouble_bubble33d ago

What’s too much time? What people? Is Bearskopff people? How can you have a problem with a game because one guy doesn’t play it the way you do? Post your level so he can return the favor.

Brave_Losers_Unite33d ago


Played all 3 LBP games? Doubt it

uptownsoul32d ago

@ziggurcat - "this is the problem I have with this kind of game - people spend too much time recreating something rather than taking the time to make something original."

How exactly do you have a problem with something you're not spending time making…or don't have to play in the game???

In other words…Don't play it if you don't want to…Skip it & find some original creations

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mkis00733d ago

This is what creators use to get a feel for the controls and tools. Start with something familiar to learn, then branch out.

zeuanimals32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's great practice honestly since they don't have to be bogged down by the creative process. All of that work's done for them, all they need to do is learn the technical stuff.

MoonConquistador33d ago

Yet nobody asked you if you were impressed. There's no need to be a gloom merchant.

But you can't deny how impressive it is considering it was created with software only a few months old. And how the guy has posted his efforts with commentary so that others can learn from it and build on what he's created.

We'll look forward to your "original" efforts created in Dreams

Shane Kim33d ago

I've been an amateur musician for almost 15 years, and to be honest, to remix an existing song is way harder than to come up with something from scratch. I guess it's the same way for other art forms.

TheGamez10033d ago (Edited 33d ago )

How about you try making something completely original lol. Not everyone can do just that and make an awesome level right away. Inspirations and copies are completely fine in creation games like this since theyre free to play within dreams and can be used to get the hang of the game and eventually make their own original level. And there are original levels out there but it takes quite the talent and time.

ziggurcat33d ago

"How about you try making something completely original lol"

I do. Just about every day.

Prince-Ali33d ago

Literally such stupid logic

Dirtnapstor33d ago

How do you think people get started with taking an interest and learning how to develop in the first place? A career in the long run.
This principle of mimicry is not new at all. i.e. the mere definition of a garage band.

Chumdiddy33d ago

You're getting murdered in the votes right now but I get your point. I don't fully agree with it but I get it and it has some validity to it.

I LOVE MGS. The entire series is by far and away my favorite in gaming. This guy's creation is very cool but a full remake in Dreams isn't possible. It just isn't without an army of people working together.
So, I'd rather have a skilled creator using the time he spent making this on something new. JMHO.
It's very cool! It's great that others love MGS! It's just a bit of a shame that this effort wasn't put toward making a new Dreams experience.

MoonConquistador32d ago

But your comment also misses the important aspect of creator freedom. He's not restricted in what he's allowed to create.

Rather than come onto forums to say what someone else should have produced, why not have a go at it yourself.

It's still impressive and better than anything I'd be able to come up with. Put more effort into your own creations rather than spending it critiquing others efforts.

Chumdiddy32d ago


I can't reply directly but while I appreciate the level-headed tone of your reply I don't see where anything beyond the first section is relevant.

"Instead of saying what another should do, have a go yourself"

I do and have. Where did you get that notion from as I never claimed he couldn't or shouldn't do anything. I stated that his goal isn't possible without an army of users and Dreams community would be better off with a user of his talent making something original.
What does me doing anything have to do with that?

"It's still impressive and better than anything I'd be able to come up with. Put more effort into your own creations rather than spending it critiquing others efforts."

1. I went out of my way to say how cool it is. Where is the critique? Seriously, what are you talking about? I supect you didn't even read my comment lol. AGAIN, It's great and I love MGS. That changes my overall point by exactly zero and you have still not adressed it at all in your reply. Did you reply to the right person? Lol

2. It's also better than anything I've come up with. So we're alike there.

3. I have my own creation but that has nothing to do with anything...again. what does me saying "I'd like it if he put that effort into something original" have to do with you saying to work on my own creations?

Are you arguing that nobody should have an opinion about anything? If so, you do realize what this website is for, correct? Like, you know this is mostly a news and opinion piece sharing website, right?
Have you never had an opinion about what you'd prefer while also not condemning or damning the thing that actually is?

Are you human?
Did you actually read my comment?
Is this real life?

MasterCornholio33d ago

Many will create original content though. My friend GribbleGrunger has plenty of videos that prove this.

Foxhound92232d ago

What an incredibly short-sighted comment.

Silly gameAr32d ago

That's kind of a weird complaint.

ziggurcat32d ago

Sure, I'm admittedly a little persnickety when it comes to UCC that's focused solely on recreating something that already exists. It's not meant as a criticism of UCC altogether, just expressing apathy towards this kind of UCC.

Teflon0232d ago

When did you play them? when they were completely established and given free on PS Plus? Because your comments make no sense otherwise

ziggurcat32d ago

"When did you play them? when they were completely established and given free on PS Plus?"

Long before that. If you must know, 2 & 3 at launch, and the first one a little later because I didn't get my PS3 until 2009. It was the first game I played on my PS3 iirc.

"Because your comments make no sense otherwise"

Expressing apathy towards a game with a heavy UCC component getting bogged down with people trying to recreate everything else instead of creating unique levels isn't nonsensical. People are free to make/enjoy those creations all they want, I just find them tired. I didn't even say that this specific one was bad, either.

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l33t_haxx0r33d ago

I would love to make some stuff I just can't get used to the motion controls, and using my DS4 my curser always seems to drift so I think my controller is broken or something. Let's hope mouse and keyboard controls are one day added then ai can go crazy making dicks and boobs and stuff

Bruneblomst33d ago

If you imp starts difting just re centre it with the option button. I recentre my imp all the time, when im sculpting. Hope you dream making dicks and boobs comes true in the future;)peace:)

LiViNgLeGaCY33d ago

If I were to purchase the early access, can I just play other people's creations?

The_Sage33d ago

That comment sure was. 😁

Veneno33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Not as much as a half assed remake of a classic. The point of a remake is to make it better not worse.

Also if you can't handle a critique maybe you should seek therapy.

Foxhound92232d ago


You're right, he sounds very cranky, doesn't he?

Araragifeels 33d ago

"The point of a remake is to make it better not worse."

Sure because this is an official remake and not a fanmade remake. And is totally not made inside a game that is in early access and there no limit of how much you can fit in a level. But yeah let's called this a half added official remake from Konami🤦‍♂️.

Veneno33d ago

You absolutely proved my point. Thank you. You proved your own logic as a failure. Dreams is not set up to make 1 to 1 recreations so stop doing it.

The point is that it's quite tiresome seeing remakes in the Media Molecule games when they're always trash. The maker of this MGS heap does have game building talent as evident in the video but he should use it for something fresh.

Veneno33d ago

It's a critique. Dude educate yourself.

MoonConquistador33d ago

I think you should look up the word critique and stop wasting time yourself you hypocrite

Veneno32d ago

Yep I know what a critique is and you seem to take personal offense to one when it is a comment about the work not the artist, or yourself. Seriously get out there and learn something.

trooper_33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

A critique is saying what you like or don't like. Not saying 'derrr, waste of timmmme'. I don't see anything with recreating games or ideas.

Veneno32d ago

Like I said to foxhound who is clearly and inccorectly hurt by this since this is MGS related: read the whole comments and not part of them otherwise stay away from big boy discussion.

trooper_32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

First of all, learn how to spell.

Second of all, I saw the whole back and forth and I disagree. Just because you think it's a waste of time, doesn't mean others do. Don't impose your opinion as fact.

Finally, what big boy discussion? All I see was you trashing the creative level this guy made. People were doing the same thing in Little Big Planet so I don't get what you're up and arms about.

Grow up.

Foxhound92232d ago

Downvotes are deserved, such a stupid comment.

How is it a waste of time if there are thousands of people enjoying it and the creator has a sense of pride that he created something for others to enjoy? Sounds like it's not your type of game, but to call it a waste of time is demonstrably false and idiotic.

Sounds like you're the one that needs therapy.

Veneno32d ago

Well I can't help you if you selectively read my comments instead of reading the whole thing and that you take personal offense to a critique. Then you get hypocritical and personally attack me aggresively making everything you say totally invalid.

Hungryalpaca32d ago

Watching you try and defend your asinine comment was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh you crank.

Veneno32d ago

Not nearly as hilarious as watching a whole legion of you punks getting schooled on basic knowledge. And watching you resort to acting like an infant because you have no logical or intelligent dialogue. You go straight for the personal attack when I never resorted to that.

Foxhound92232d ago

This Veneno kid is such a chump. It's hilarious trying to watch him squirm and dig himself out of being a schooled in logic 101.

Veneno32d ago

Oh look Foxhound is back with another personal attack. You lot love that low hanging fruit eh?

And wtf your comment looks like a cheap imitation of mine. Too funny!!Come original fool.

Keep the jokes coming boys !

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Father__Merrin33d ago

This will be one of the best games this generation