Saving Canadian Gaming Dollars writes:

"This year's gaming season, like every year, is ridiculous. Multiplatform owners and multifaceted gamers like myself have it the worst. So what do you do to satiate this desire to play everything? Do you wait it out? No, that's crazy talk.

I seek deals and I'd just like to share some tips and some other deals for the remaining holiday titles worth checking out. So let's take a look at some of the money saving requirements you need in order to maximize your dollars."

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snakebite364053d ago

yeah, I've found that is slightly cheaper than

I Call 9MM4052d ago

Not only that, but you can't have videogames shipped to canada from, only (have to have them delivered to an address across the border or something, I know there are services in Canada to work around his problem). I think the super saver shipping is probably the best part (used that many a time).