Gran Turismo Sport - exploring its impact on real-world racing with Kazunori Yamauchi

As the worlds of virtual and real racing become closer, Evo UK speaks to Gran Turismo’s creator to get his take on what the future holds.

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IRetrouk33d ago

He really wants to widen the appeal of motorsports and lower the barrier to entry, not many devs as experienced at racing as kaz is either, love his passion.

Apocalypse Shadow33d ago

The Real Driving Simulator.

Some gamers may not have liked GT becoming more driving than videogame. Which I think affects its reviews. But the game franchise can't be denied. Driving is not about crashing through trees and driving over beaches and hitting other cars. Videogames are for that. Real driving might seem boring to those individuals. Real driving takes skill when you just want to be reckless.

It introduced many console gamers to car culture and what car parts do to a car to improve its performance. It is known worldwide. It has helped sell cars and helped in the creation of cars. And, had produced real, winning, race cars drivers.

It has sold 80 million and more than 7 million are playing the latest one that changed itself and evolved like GOW did. Kaz took it online and added true backing from the FIA.

It's great that they will continue to evolve the game and improve the VR support. Another first for a driving simulator on consoles. It's a testament to Kaz that it has endured for more than 20 years. A developer who actually loves driving and races himself.

xRacer74x33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Sim games are all the same to me. You get basically the same tracks . Not fun at all to race online in sim games the gamers who tend to like sim whine and cry if you happen to bump them at all or you take short cuts over certain areas. I do not crash anyone intentionally but your damn right if I can use them to help take a corner a little quicker or passing them I will. I prefer arcade racing it is just way more exciting and fun to me and the community in arcade racing has always seemed more fun to talk to. GT is the best pure sim on consoles but I had way more fun with Forza Motorsports.

Prince-Ali33d ago

All you have done in your paragraph of stupidity is prove you DONT know what COMPETITIVE racing is about ¬__¬ lool...
You can have more fun elsewhere.. SIM racing clearly isn't for you.. it's not for you to bitch and moan and critique either because you CLEARLY dont get the actual point of Sim racing which AREN'T all the same btw.. there's a HUGE difference between Project Cars, Asetto Racing, Gran Turismo and iRacing for example...

As a VERYY large community Forza is one of the worsttt competitive race communities i've EVVER seenn loool it's actually hilarious.. There was genuinely better racing in Driveclub fgs loool

zodiac90933d ago

Why can't so called "racing game fans" just learn to appreciate the strengths of all racing games?

Good-Smurf33d ago

What racing?
You either in a first corner crash pileup or veer off into flower field 20 miles off the roads.
That's Forza online "racing" right now.

Jamaicangmr32d ago

" I do not crash anyone intentionally but your damn right if I can use them to help take a corner a little quicker or passing them I will."

You disgust me.

TK-6632d ago (Edited 32d ago )


"You either in a first corner crash pileup or veer off into flower field 20 miles off the roads.
That's Forza online "racing" right now."

No that's Forza: Horizon online racing. If you're buying a racer that leans heavily into the arcade style and expect any different then you should've done your research. The King, Infected, Flag Rush and Team King sort of modes and Forzathon should be a bit of a tip off that this is not a sim game. It's nearly as pathetic as winging about similar behavior in a kart racer.

Don't act like griefing is not an issue all racing sims have to deal with. There's a reason why you can ghosting exists in GTS you know...

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Dom_Estos33d ago

As much as I love the GT series, its got a nerve to have "the real driving simulator" in its name, when its far from it. Sims like Assetto Corsa and iRacing blow it out of the water when it comes to just pure driving, and having realistic handling, tire models, and physics.

Apocalypse Shadow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I didn't know I racing was on consoles. /S

And, although Assetto Corsa is a decent game, it released on consoles and was forgotten almost immediately.

And both games PC or not, have not done for car culture that GT has done in its 20+ years.

Thanks for playing.

SolidGamerX33d ago

People have started actual race careers from playing Gran Turismo, it has every right to call itself the real driving simulator.

zodiac90933d ago

The had "the real driving simulator" slogan while you were still in diapers sonny.

rainslacker33d ago

Real driving can be as exciting as any game, if it's in a race car setting.

GT dialed back the "realism" because in some ways, it's just not fun to have something 100% accurate. It may be great for those that are really good at driving, but when you're playing in a game, having your race end because you ram head first into a wall at 150mph, it just gets frustrating.

The realism comes from the physics for driving, choosing what is important to focus on, and not getting too hung up on things like slamming into walls, or how a slight nudge from another car can cause you to spin out uncontrollably.

jukins33d ago

Maybe you havent played gt sport because its definitely not dialed back. The realism is everything slamming into a wall or getting nudged and spun out or nailing the perfect turn. "Real" racing is hard you have to know your car the track and your opponent. How much and when to brake, is this a trail brake turn. Little things like those that you have to think constantly think about are what makes sim racing fun. Not to mention these are real world cars with real world handling that 99% focus will never get to see let alone "drive"

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I mean they dialed back the realism for when you crash. The driving physics are top of their class.

It's the fun factor that has to be maintained, and the creator of GT said long ago that they dialed such things back, because it wasn't fun. He wasn't referring to the handling of the car, which do better at losing control when appropriate with each successive release, but what happens when you crash, or lose control of the car. basically, they made it so you can get back into the game, instead of being out of the race like you would in a real racing scenario.

Otherwise, yes, GT Sport does a really good job about keeping control through proper driving techniques, and one thing that surprised me most, was that unlike other online driving games, people tend to follow the rules of the lane to try and out race your opponent, instead of resorting to dirty tricks or just driving haphazardly and with as much speed as possible at all times regardless of what's around you.

I feel some people may have felt I was putting down GT in this, but I'm not, because it's how all racing sims handle such things, because after all, it still has to be fun, and IMO, real driving can be exciting while realistic if it's in a racing scenario.

jukins33d ago

I cant wait for full vr support even if it's just an update to sport on ps5.

Vr is how I learn or practice the daily races. See the lines way better in vr mode

Knushwood Butt33d ago


I have little motivation to play 'flat screen' GT after experiencing the VR alternative.

zodiac90933d ago

This man is a legend that deserves so much more recognition.

JackBNimble32d ago

I just hope at some point with the ps5 GT would get an update for a full VR experience.

jukins32d ago

This so much. As I said before I'd accept just a patch for gt sport on ps5 that allows the game to be played fully in vr. Vr and a wheel is a racers dream