Tech-Gaming: Resistance 2 Review

Along with Little Big Planet, Resistance 2 is a must-have title for Playstation 3 owners. During this period of economic uncertainly, gamers are looking for escapist entertainment that offers a long-term play value. With its three fully-realized play modes, Insomniac's latest opus certainly fits the bill- Resistance 2 should keep players happy until the third inevitable and highly anticipated installment.

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ablecain3635d ago

Massive improvement over what I thought was an overrated predecessor. Having said that, it isn't entirely perfect... The multiplayer maps are good but not great (Socom: Confrontation and Halo 3 take the cake in that category), but other than that I'm 100% pleased.

baum3635d ago

Since they gave Gears a 10 from 1up even though it was A, a GOLD medal according to 1up, not a Platinum one which is the perfect game, but whatever...

NaiNaiNai3635d ago

looks like im playing with plastic.
>.> lame. flop. crap. not even worth a rent. halo rip off