The Game Deflators E33 | Pre-E3, Elden Ring, and What Remains of Edith Finch

On this week's episode of the Game Deflators podcast, the trio provided their thoughts on what would be revealed at E3. Were their suspicions correct?

The guys also can't help but talk about Gamestop's recent plummet in the stock market, Google Stadia and the delay of Shenmue 3.

To cap things off, the Game Deflators dance their way through the one and only, Samba De Amigo. Did they enjoy the Wii version, or should it be placed in the garbage?

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Gamenut205033d ago

Wish the timing of this would have been a little more in line with E3 but good episode.

I fully agree on GameStop. Once they started brining in items like collectibles and t-shirts it became more of a Hot Topic with games and worse service. This really has pushed me to visiting more mom and pop based stores for all of my gaming needs, even if the selection isn't as large on newer titles.

TheGameDeflators33d ago

Thanks for listening! The mom and pop stores typically offer a better experience as well. They aren't backed by huge investors so they really do thrive or die based on customer service.

Prices aren't always amazing, but GameStop has pretty poor pricing at times as well.