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It's hard to write business history about the games industry. You have less than three decades to work with, numerous technological shifts that push studios out of fashion, and numerous closures, mergers, bankruptcies and slow deaths. Even basic business reporting, which is about the now and the soon-to-be, is usually second-rate for games. Few writers have the knowledge to get to know any company particularly well, and there are very few corporate stories worth telling.

Print Screen: Rogue Leaders: Movies to Games to Movie Games
This makes books like Rob Smith's "Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts" all the more important. This book about the evolution of LucasArts hits the high points in the storied studio's history and makes excellent use of the access he was given. Smith, a longtime games journalist and current editor of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, thinks that LucasArts has a legacy that deserves a proper history.

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