Judd and Plenty: Interview with Capcom's Ben Judd

Fifty percent of the way through Capcom's one-two punch Bionic Commando renaissance -- Bionic Commando Rearmed is out; the next-generation relaunch of the series is due in Q1 2009 -- Producer Ben Judd seems to be the same old Ben Judd from back when he was still localizing games like Resident Evil: Outbreak, God Hand and Onimusha 3.

Drawn in by his penchant for sarcasm, his ever-expanding patch of facial hair and his self-deprecating demeanor, Criapy Gamer cornered the elusive Mr. Judd in the Capcom suite at Tokyo Game Show 2008 and wouldn't allow him to use the bathroom until he satisfactorily answered each one of CG's questions.

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