Tim Shafer Publishes Original Grim Fandango Design Doc

Tim Schafer: "In a temporary fit of Cake-induced Grim nostalgia, I dug up the old puzzle document for the game. It's 72 pages long and this file is 2.3M so it's not for the faint of heart, or low of bandwidth.(...)
Things I noticed:
-Man, game documentation sure has changed since 1996!
-People said the puzzles in Grim were super hard, and I've always maintained that this was due to a deep character flaw or mental illness on the part of the player. But now, reading this again, I've realized that holy smokes--Some of them puzzles were nuts. Obscure. Mean, even. I blame Peter Chan, because he will never read this post to know that I blamed him.
-Look how much stuff we had to cut just to get that game done in three years. The Pizza Demon! Giraffe Lady! Bernard, and my beloved Dillopede. And the five-puzzle action climax with Hector LeMans! If only we had one or two more years! Well, reading about them ten years later is just as good, right?
-We didn't have the last puzzle designed when I wrote that document, so I wrote two nonsense paragraphs and then overlapped them in the file so it would look like the final puzzle description was in there, but obscured by a print formatting error. That way I could turn the document in by the deadline. As if anybody was going to read it all the way to the end anyway. Ha ha. Obfuscation triumphs again! I delight in Evil!"

You can go to his blog and download it.

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thereapersson4049d ago

Seriously, this game was a criminally overlooked gem.

zalifer4048d ago

Ha ha, overlapped the last two paragraphs... nice way of meeting the deadline :)

ar4048d ago

A favorite of mine. Sh!t, I'm really old.

brocool4048d ago

Great game.. this should be an interesting read! thanks