Ghost Of Tsushima Release Date Is Reportedly Targeting 2019

From PSU: "Sucker Punch Productions is keeping mum on a Ghost of Tsushima release date, but according to a presentation by Sony for shareholders, the game is coming out in 2019. Ghost of Tsushima is expected to be one of the last major PlayStation 4 exclusives, joining the likes of Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2. However, up until now it was presumed the samurai-’em-up would not be released until 2020."

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masterfox33d ago

Next year will be another year of the Playstation, this one, Death Stranding, FFVII Remake, I got a feeling the Last of Us 2 will be cross gen and it will be a launch PS5 title, and who knows what great games is Sony currently developing from their awesome studios. :)

Spicyram32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

If TLOU 2 launches with the Ps5 for the first time, it will be impossible for any another company to match.

harmny32d ago

what other company? there is only ps and xbox

Dragonscale32d ago

@harmny, what about nintendo?

harmny32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

oh cmon. nintendo doesnt compete with ps and xbox in tech. they are 2 generations behind in graphics. they offer a different kind of experience. to them its the same if tlou2 launches in ps4 or ps5.

Shiken32d ago


Nintendo does not compete, yet BotW kept Horizon from getting GotY 2017. PS plus Nintendo is the best combo. Trying to downplay just makes you look like you cannot handle another company having success.

harmny32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


IN TECH. is it so difficult to read? why do people on this forum asumes everyone is a moron. why would i treat nintendo as it was nothing? i like nintendo. but they dont care about the last of us. they abandoned the traditional console war generations ago.
"you cannot handle ANOTHER company having succes" you guys really need to stop being fanboys thinking every user is fighting for their favorite company. its tiring.
i own every console and a pc. i can play whatever game i want.

adonisisfree32d ago

Why are people so obsessed with the last of us?

Spicyram32d ago


Click on the link and see how many copies the last of us has sold. Why would 20 million people buy junk? Thanks.

CorndogBurglar32d ago

"Why would 20 million people buy junk? Thanks."

Call of Duty says Hi.

Spicyram32d ago

"Why would 20 million people buy junk? Thanks."

Call of Duty says Hi."

Fair enough. Same could be said about fifa. Let me rephrase: Why would a first party exclusive game with 200+ GOTY awards, 95% metascore and 19+ millions sales be considered mediocre?

32d ago
Snappy32d ago

And horizon zero dawn 2

REDGUM32d ago

Ummmm, what is a little uncertain here is the fact that harmny stated a point that was relevant and got a whole heap of disagrees, then he/she followed it up with another comment, re-confirming what was first said with way more agrees???

c'mon people, read before you write!

I agree, Nintendo is on a very different path than the 2 main consoles being xbox and ps. Nintendo is a more family orientated system where the xbox & ps are more for the hardcore gamer.

31d ago
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Ceaser985736132d ago

LOU2 GOT DS all gameplays we have seen so far were on the Pro. And yes all these games will come to the PS5 via BC and on the PS5 the game will look much better..

spicelicka32d ago

This would be awesome but it's most likely 2020.

I'm thinking Death stranding might be this year, then 2020 first half would have Last of Us 2, and second half would have GOT and possibly Horizon ZD 2.

JaXion532d ago

"I'm thinking Death stranding might be this year" Do you live under a rock..?

ReVibe32d ago

"Death Stranding might?"
Please tell me you misworded that. Otherwise you have a lot of catchin up to do mate.

spicelicka32d ago

Whooooops omg what's wrong with me, I watched that trailer too and completely forgot it was the release date trailer.

RaidenBlack32d ago

Please make TLOU 2 for PS4 and keep other games for PS5 launch.
TLOU 1 was the swan song for PS3 and let that be the case for PS4's triumphant career.

A new Motorstorm and SOCOM would be nice showcase of PS5's technical prowess.
And new franchises are always welcome.

shaggy230331d ago

Cant see Sony reviving SOCOM, the last one didn't sell well, or didn't sell as well as Sony had hoped.

As for Motorstorm, it would be nice to have another game in the series but I don't think the last one sold as well as Sony wanted it to.

HighlyDoubtful32d ago

Imagine being a fanboy in 2019 lmao.

TheHan32d ago

You know what you said is foolish, you just wanted to start something in the comments

carcarias32d ago

I thought that actress pretty much let slip that Last of Us 2 releases in February? Or has that been debunked?

Anyway, I'll be surprised if this is true about Ghosts. Happy, but surprised. I thought the latest most big games got release date announcements was 5 months or so before launch so if it's true I'd expect the announcement would have to be made very soon.

32d ago
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tekiz33d ago

This article actually has the best information but it's not what people might think. It's GT Sport has SOLD 8 million not BS numbers like "downloads".

mandingo32d ago

People just bought that cuz the name. Game was trash at launch

yomfweeee32d ago

They released it with a single player mode at launch, which hurt the reviews quite a bit. But calling it trash is a stretch, they added single player within months and have supported that came for a long time.

tekiz32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Ok, if you say so, I disagree of course.

The game always has had the best driving physics and the most detailed tracks the best player ranking system and by far the best community. And those things combined make it the best competitive racing game on the market.

And BTW the game had a strong launch but it's the continued sales of the past two years that brought it so high. That's not name, that's quality.

IRetrouk32d ago

Lol it did exactly what it set out to do from launch, what was trash at launch?

mandingo32d ago

I mean it had barely any cars and there was no weather or dynamic day/night cycle so it was pretty bare bones at launch

tekiz32d ago

Yea we all know what trolling looks like, but thanks for updating us on the specifics.

IRetrouk32d ago

Almost 200 cars was plenty at launch, they covered most race classes, sport was never ment to be a collectathon like the older games were, it was aimed at the esports market, the online competitive players.
What I find funny is people who dont play it all use the same tired reasons for why gt isn't as good as it is, isn't as popular as it is, never see any of them mention the good, the online modes, the physics, the tournaments and leagues, the real race drivers that start on gt, the fact that sport was the very first fia certified sim racer ever, doing things that no sim game has done before, or has even attempted yet, The graphics engine, the tracks, the way the game plays with wheels, the vr mode. No what's really important is that it doesn't have a 24hr light system or 1 million cars/s

mandingo32d ago

I mean there’s forza and there’s project cars and then there is GT Sport. You tell me how it stacks up.

SolidGamerX32d ago

I bought every other GT game day one but didn't buy Sport at launch as I wasn't interested in the online focus so looks like you're wrong. I waited and picked it up about a month or so ago and whatever it was at launch is irrelevant as its great now.

IRetrouk32d ago

Ok well I'm a fan of both forza and gt, I prefer gt overall when it comes to the actual driving though, it's a lot better on both controller and wheel, although I do buy and play both series i think gt is the better sim,(my gamertags are in my profile info) the attention to detail in gt is much higher, the physics are better and the community slightly less toxic, also the way gt handles online is something else, no other sim is doing what sport does, for me, forza reminds me of the older gts, loads of cars, plenty to see and do, they are great games, I just prefer sport. As for project cars 1 and 2, horrible with a controller, better with a wheel, but still horrible to play, both gt and forza smash that crap. I play most racing games to be honest, it's my fav genre.

trooper_32d ago

You clearly didn't play it.

mandingo31d ago

Pcars2 84 metacritic. Forza 7 87. GT 75. Interesting

IRetrouk31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

what's a bunch of aggregated scores got to do with my opinions on the games? I've played them, I don't need other peoples scores to back up what I say about them or discredit what others say, I use my own experiences, so far you haven't said one thing that actually makes sport a bad game, let alone a bad online competitive sim racer, I've gave you plenty of reasons why I think sport is the better sim, if you dont agree, cool, but atleast give us proper reasons as to why you dont like it, quoting metacrics scores and saying it was trash at launch will take nothing away from gts success

mandingo30d ago

What’s bad about the game? If you read you would know. At launch, it had barely any cars no weather which is ridiculous and a single player that was a bunch of training drills. That’s bad. That’s trash

IRetrouk30d ago

Again 200 cars is plenty, weather is an nice option but not a necessity, and lol at you telling me to read up, if you had of read any early preview or interview with kaz, you would have known that it wasnt ment to have a single player, those "drills" were to teach you how to race right, it was always an online multiplayer competitive sim. And there was far more to do than just those training drills though, what about the arcade mode?, the practice modes? So far you still haven't actually talked about what makes the game bad, you have talked car numbers(like 200 is low or something lol) and features that were not even advertised to be in the game, just drivel, what about the online modes? Did you try any? What about the physics and racing on track? How about the details in the cars and tracks? What about the constant updates? Do you like the free cars and tracks we get? There is loads about sport you could actually talk about, like its online mode being unlike any other sim, the fact it still turns everyday people into real race drivers, it's got leagues, cups and tournaments regularly, it pushed sim racing in a new direction, what did pc do for the genre? What about forza? Any of them pushing the sim genre forward? What it it that those games have done that gt hasn't?

mandingo30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'm talking about how it launched because I assume most people bought it before the updates started coming and if they didn't that's why. The driving is great I don't have a problem with the driving but when other racing games have far more content that makes your game trash. Plus, when GT6 which came out 4 years prior had 5 times the cars and had weather more tracks that aint good. Quality content is what Forza and Pcars do better

IRetrouk30d ago

I'm sorry but having less cars and no weather never made any past forzas trash, so I fail to see how that makes sport trash, it did what it set out to do, released how it was supposed to release and the quality was there, I played it from launch, I know what the game was, it was far from trash.

mandingo30d ago

Forza 6 had weather and it had a pretty much the same amount of cars.

IRetrouk30d ago

Did forza 5 4 3 2 or 1 have weather? Nope, did it make any of them trash? nope, so how does one game in a series not having weather make it trash? Ya need to try harder, I have an idea though, you could go play the game, remind yourself how trash it is and then come back and give me some proper reasons as to why you think it's bad.. just an idea.

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Imortus_san32d ago

When your PS Flag game goes 19.99 after only six months, and it's the only big racing game on PS4 that runs properly, with out any other no other interaction, guess it easy to sell.

Chevalier32d ago

At least Sony talks about sales unlike the other series that can only talk about having 10 million players which could be a free week and got no money out of it.

IRetrouk32d ago

The ps4 gets every racing game the xbox does apart from forza......

Ceaser985736132d ago

Its a new IP and I feel Sony will place it where it can breath and do well.. Days Gone, Zero dawn has done exceptionally well ..

jbull32d ago

Exactly, if it was releasing this year there would be more trailers to build hype as its a new ip and would release in September to avoid the big hitters like CoD. Likely release date is February 2020 well before the new console release and FF7, Cyberpunk and Avengers.

Benoski32d ago

I really doubt GoT will be out this year, unless Sony makes a surprise announcement during a State of Play.

FalconofLucis9832d ago

GoT is finished the last season came out this year

FITSniper32d ago

Wrong GoT.

Ghost of Tsushima. The game this article is about.

FalconofLucis9832d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Jeez I was trolling -_-

averagejoe2632d ago


If you're trolling then you got what you wanted. The point of trolling is to string someone along purposely. That's exactly what happened.

Why would you then react with "jeez" when someone bit your bait?

porkChop32d ago

That's doubtful. We would have seen more about the game by now if it was launching this year.

Offbasic32d ago

Call of duty launches in months. Only seen the one gameplay trailer.

Hatsu1232d ago

That was no gameplay trailer. It was a in-engine cinematic trailer.

Shiken32d ago

Thats because we know they will push out a polished dog turd if it means making the Holiday when if comes to Call of Duty...thats kinda their M O.

porkChop32d ago

That's an established, annual franchise. Not remotely the same thing.

No Way32d ago

Why? Why does everyone always need gameplay months and months in advance? If it releases in December, that's still 6 months away - plenty of time to show lots of gameplay.