Game Freak says it will be ‘difficult’ to include all Pokémon in future games

Balancing and graphical quality present obstacle, says producer.

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Immagaiden128d ago

Gotta catch em all means GOTTA CATCH EM ALL

Fans have been looking forward to a Pokémon game with over 1000 creatures to collect. Don’t take this away from them

RosweeSon127d ago

Not only that they literally finishing apps to allow full BC across all the multiple gens 1-2 4-7 all on 3ds and with Pokemon bank it’s perfect but they obviously trying to rush it for a deadline.

Zeref127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I think if it was such a challenge. They should just stop making so many new Pokémon. Limit it to mythical, legendary and starters. That's like maybe 10 new Pokémon per generation.

I don't think anybody wants 100+ new pokemon if it means that old ones aren't going to make the cut.

Besides I think we have enough pokemon now.

thejigisup127d ago

Way more than enough Pokemon, after gen 2 it was a wrap for me on trying to keep up with all the new ones. It doesn't help that it seems like a stretch to add more sometimes. Vanillite, rotom, luvdisc, trubbish, klink and more i mean a lot more of these newer pokemon feel uninspired and just cheap ways to throw in more. They don't even resemble the Pokemon of olde. We don't need all these things that just look like other things. Your right who wants another 100 when they can't even handle what they got.

Snookies12127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I mean, they clearly have to add a bunch of new Pokemon to every new iteration. That's their easy way of making a "new game" without having to put in a whole lot of effort. I enjoy the Pokemon games, but the series hardly ever "evolves". The things they do put in, tend to be very gimmicky. They need to throw some budget into these games to REALLY improve on the graphics and scale. (We all know they damn sure have the money for it.) I know Sword and Shield look better over previous entries. That should be a given though, as it's on an actual console this time. Still looks very underwhelming for what it should and could be.

127d ago
PhoenixUp128d ago

The majority of the animations and models shown so far seemed to had been lifted straight from, or are on par with, the 3DS games and Let's Go.

How could Game Freak argue "limited development time" as a reason not to include every existing Pokémon in the game when the graphics engine itself seemed to look virtually identical to the one they already had before?

TK-66127d ago

"How could Game Freak argue "limited development time" as a reason not to include every existing Pokémon in the game when the graphics engine itself seemed to look virtually identical to the one they already had before?"

Because they still have to design 50+ new Pokemon, balance them, design a new world, new character models and it's unreasonable to expect a dev team of less than 140 to pull that off. Nintendo tends to move behind in terms of development trends as we saw with HD and it's the same with the size of development teams for games like this.

Now if you want to argue Game Freak need to expand. Otherwise this problem is going to get worse with Nintendo's next system.

Servbot41127d ago

Pokemon was never balanced and that excuse is bunk.

TK-66127d ago


For the most part it absolutely has been balanced with a few exceptions mainly brought about by things like Mega-Evo's and a few hidden abilities. Although some of them were done for promotional purposes so I can't really fault them for those. But you gave nothing you back your claim up so I'll just ignore it from this point onward.

jts1891127d ago

Dude...That's crap. The stuff we've seen from Sword and Shield looks significantly better than anything from the 3DS games.

If you don't see the difference between this model

and that

You're blind. The Switch has entirely different software architecture from the 3DS, and anyone with even a casual knowledge of how making games works knows you can't port models made in two entirely different engines to each other. They have to be specifically remade.

Zeref127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

The textures and the lighting are different that's it. The model is exactly the same.

The reason it looked so different is because of the resolution. Download Sun or Moon in an emulator and increase the resolution and you'll see more clearly that it's just the textures.

That said the textures do look way better in sword and shield.

Idk how long it takes to get textures to look that good. But I think their excuse is BS. The reason they can't delay the game is because of the other parts of Pokémon. Merch, Card games, anime etc. That make a lot more money than the games. Theres pressure on Gamefreak to deliver the game on time because of those things.
If it was a standalone game, you can bet your ass that we would have a complete game,even if it needs to be delayed.

septemberindecember127d ago

He says in the article that they had to create all new models.

BlaqMagiq1127d ago

Yeah that's a lot of bull they're spewing.

NotoriousWhiz127d ago

Personally, I think there needs to be a great Pokemon purge. But of course, I'm a filthy casual who wouldn't dream of catching them all.

Alexmaru127d ago

I agree. I think that about 500 pokemon is fine for me xD

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The story is too old to be commented.