Square Enix Wants To Make Its Entire Library Accessible Digitally – Here's What's Missing

From Dragon Quest to Xenogears, there are many Square Enix classics that deserve to be on modern platforms.

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PhoenixUp34d ago

“Xenogears released on the PlayStation in 1998 and has never gotten been re-released.”

Lolwut? Then explain how I’m able to play Xenogears digitally on my PS3.

Immagaiden34d ago

Why do articles like this that talk about Square Enix’s properties never bring up Eidos games? There’s plenty of classic Eidos games that deserve to get rereleased.

rainslacker33d ago

Some of them aren't able to be released due to licensing, or belonging to another publisher.

And...its the games media. They dont bother doing much research

33d ago
awdevoftw33d ago

Basically, this guy wants all the releases available for the switch, because barring a few, they are available elsewhere.

33d ago
pietro121233d ago

I would love to play Vagrant Story and Xenogears on my Switch

Knightofelemia33d ago

Wow the author screwed up my PS3 is telling me Xenogears got another release. I would jump for joy if Xenosaga came to PS4 but Square has nothing to do with Xenosaga that would be under NamcoBandai. Squaresoft only worked on Xenogears and there is nothing related to both games just a few look a like characters.

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