5 Graphics Cards That Will Knock Your Socks Off

If you're looking to upgrade your PC in time for Christmas, or build a new rig based on Nehalem, one of the most fundamentally important choices you make will be the graphics card.

Choose wisely, and you'll have years of high definition gaming ahead of you.

Choose badly and you'll be back to the shops by June.

But which offer the best performance in their category, and which are good value buys? Here's TechRadar's pick of the five best.

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bumnut4050d ago

im happy with my single 4870, i can run fallout at 1920 x 1200 on max detail with 4 x AA.

i still get a silky smooth framerate.

i can't max crysis though or it turns into a slide show.

JonahNL4050d ago

Meh, don´t bother trying to play Crysis on max. settings. You need an SLI/Crossfire rig for that... I´ve got the XFX 9600 GT in SLI + an E8400 @ 3,6 GHz to back it up and I just manage 30-35 FPS. That's @ 1280x1024 with NO AA! Warhead however runs way smoother! 40+ FPS most of the times! =D

bumnut4050d ago

i can run crysis warhead at 1920 x 1200 in a mix of gamer & enthusiast settings, i get about 30 - 40 fps

but i can't enable AA

Altered_Soul4050d ago

Thats actually a pretty good list detailing the pros and cons of each of those cards, without company bias (which is ridiculous, the more competitors the better, people just get upset when they don't buy the new "leetest" in-vogue equipment).

I picked up an EVGA 260 and I have to say it is a fantastic chipset/card, especially if you have a 22" monitor or less.

Deios4050d ago

the only thing that will knock me off my socks is the price of these cards

davekaos4050d ago

if your wanting a very good sli card at a reasonable price i would pick up the gtx260 core 216 edition, this card keeps up with the 280 and in some cases beats it and at a fraction of the price, i have 2 of these along with qx9770 oc'd to 4ghz 4gb ddr3 1600mhz clocked 2000mhz built around the xfx 790i ultra, i run crysis at 1920 x 1080 on 37" hdlcd with 4 x AA and i usually get between 40-50 fps, max i have had is 69 and lowest 24, its a monster of a card, Also its very cool runs at full load 55c