Nintendo has no plans to give up on the 3DS just yet

During E3 2019, the new president, Doug Bowser, told Time that the handheld console "continues to do quite well" and is still in demand from consumers and retailers. For that reason, and quite possibly because Nintendo also sees the console as "a great entry point for young gamers", the 3DS will continue to see support.

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Knushwood Butt29d ago

If by continuing to manufacture them is the definition of not giving up.

Nowhere in the article does it state anything aside from them not having any 3ds titles to announce.

zahdab28d ago

well they are no longer making 3DS(s), only 2DS is in production

CrimsonWing6928d ago

I really love the library on the 3DS but man, playing on a handheld is rough for me nowadays. However, I'm 35 and an old man. I will say seeing the Fire Emblem: Three Houses gameplay lit a fire under my butt to play Awakening and I'm loving the hell out of it, pretty brutal game though.

DeeJayChrisEdiT28d ago

Yes the 3ds library is amazing is cool that they will keep continuing. But hey man 35 yrs old aint no limit of when to stop playing i'll be old grandpa still playing video games lol. I never got into fire emblem btw.

Sgt_Slaughter28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The 3DS has one of the deepest/bountiful backlogs of any system tbh. Whatever genre you can think of, there's plenty of choices either with retail games or eShop exclusives.

Even in 2019 it makes sense to pick up one whether it's a New 2DS XL brand new or a used New 3DS XL from GameStop, since you have an instant opportunity to explore great games.

littletad28d ago

Gave birth to new genres like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton too. Ever played Hotel Dusk: Room 215? It's an absolute gem.

28d ago
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