Engadget: Microsoft’s Exclusive ‘Flight Simulator’ looks like a wild 4K HDR ride

Take a look at Microsoft's next 'Flight Simulator.'

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Kribwalker1805d ago

Cloud powered through Azure you say.....Game looked wicked and happy it launches on gamepass

Spurg1804d ago

It was my personal game of the show

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sprinterboy1803d ago

Same, big fan of flight sim back in my pc days, very tempting

rainslacker1803d ago

Wish they showed more of it at the conference. I grew up with flight simulator, and it's been long absent. I've been saying for a few years now that MS should bring the franchise back.

Edito1802d ago

I'm not alone :-) it was the best game of E3 for me... looks amazing and will get for PC...

theXtReMe11802d ago

Add me to the same list. I could not believe it was coming to console. My guess is, not only will we be getting an Xbox flight controller for it, past PC sticks may be made to also work with it. Id love to see a flight yoke and rudder peddles, maybe the ability to use our phone or tablet for instrumentation. Im also hoping for force feedback sticks to make a long awaited comeback. God I loved how the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 1 & 2 felt.

Microsoft really needs a developer to make Flight Combat games next gen. Im tired of this BS one or two games a generation. Anyone know how Ace Combat 7 sold?

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Imortus_san1803d ago

bring it, I will play it, looks amazing.

UltraNova1803d ago

It looked unreal, especially the lighting. I wonder what kind of specs the PC they used had to run that trailer...

nyu11803d ago

Those clouds... mmmmm

Poopmist1803d ago

I don't see it happening, but I hope they add dogfights

1-pwnsause-11803d ago

Flight simulator isn’t about dogfighting. You need dcs world for that one

rainslacker1803d ago

Game is pretty liberal use of the term for Flight Simulator. I love the series, but it's kind of dry for what I see most people saying they like. It's not exactly action packed, and most of the game is just flying a plane from one place to another, like you would a regular plane. Some versions had challenges, which added game play elements, but I'd say it's still kind of dry.

Before anyone picks this up on the reputation of the series, they should really look at what they're getting into. It's a rewarding experience if you are into a pure simulator....more so than you'd see in a driving game which is more forgiving of mistakes....but will probably be a one time play for anyone looking for purpose from the game.