Grandia HD Collection Brings Great Remasters of Classic JRPGs to Nintendo Switch

Grandia HD Collection for Nintendo Switch brings two great JRPGs into HD while adapting them well for the hybrid console.

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justlikeme34d ago

Bring this onto the ps4 please!

Sgt_Slaughter34d ago

"Port begging for PS4 good, port begging for Switch bad" - N4G

Eidolon34d ago

Grandia was never on Nintendo before this and it's sad that it's not multi-platform. I'm sure at some point it will be, though.

jznrpg34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This is a port of an old game not something that debuted on Switch. Totally different story .

nitus1034d ago

You do know that Grandia was on the PS1 and Grandia 2 was on the PS2 right?

Grandia can be played on any PS3, PS2 or PS1, however, if you have the PS2 DVD that contains Grandia 2 you can only play that game on either a PS2 or the first edition PS3. Of course, this is rather moot if you don't have a disk containing Grandia 1 or 2 and/or you only have a PS4.

Note: I am well aware of the PC emulators for the PS1 (eg: ‎ePSXe and PCSX) and the PS2 (eg. PCSX2).

NotoriousWhiz33d ago

"Port begging for my system, good. Port begging for another system, bad" - N4G

Teflon0233d ago

I agree to an extent. But ps users don't normally port beg. That's the thing. Switch users literally port beg everything and that's why it's a issue. Also I don't think asking for a port of a game that was already on the psone and is available as a psone classic to buy (I have grandia 1 on my Vita) is a problem. Like if crystal chronicles remaster was only in ps4. I would think it's right for switch owners to ask for the gamecube games remaster to release on the console. Seems kinda dirty when they do that. Think they're doing the same with something that was on Xbox last Gen. Maybe it was last remnant. If it was that. I think it's weird to not release on Xbox as well. Unless the upgraded version played on one is as good

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ScreamKween34d ago

I need this now!! My dumb ass sold my dreamcast version and didn't give it a full chance. Didn't get into RPGs till later. So happy is coming to switch in HD.

GGEZ34d ago

Grandia 3 was also pretty good, so why they always ignore it?

Segata34d ago

I personally hated 3 but the main reason is GA doesn't own full rights to that game. Square has some ownership over it.

Nerdmaster34d ago

Because only very few people, including you, think Grandia 3 was good.

Segata34d ago

I love these games. Still have my originals on Saturn, PS1, and Dreamcast. Shame Grandia 1 is based on the PS1 version. Saturn version was so much better. Something about Game Arts and Grandia ports on PS systems always looked worse. Portable Grandia 2 esp is great.

jreeves8234d ago

Anybody else notice that the article said Gradia 2 has only seen a port to the PC? Did they not realize it was ported to ps2 after the Dreamcast release. Granted it was not a good port but it was ported.

Segata34d ago

Less we talk about the PS2 port the better.

Teflon0233d ago

Probably they mean as of late. It was released on steam years ago. I bought 2 last year, though it didn't have all the new features this version has. It was a straight pc version. But they're updating UT so we good lol. Also grandia 1 is coming to it

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